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PCT for 20 Week Test E 750mg ?


Age : 20
Weight : 170
Year of trainning : 1

This is my first cycle,
Week 1-17 test E 375mg E3D
Week 1-4 Dbol 40mg Every day
Week 7-17 deca 300mg E3D

I know its a big and long cycle for my age but im now at week 10 and i will finish it.

Im not shure want to do for my PCT and I would like to have some help from you ?

Its my first post and im not pretty good in english so if you need more information or something just ask it will help me!

Thank you !


Good luck with that cycle... 20 weeks can't be good... You probably should have split it up in to two ten week cycles... I'm guessing some experts will get on to you soon... or even worse they might just ignore this all together...


If you are at week 10, what kind of results have you had? I mean your 20 and only been training a year so I assume they are good... if not your diet, training or both need work...


Result are good i did not take a lot of weigh only like 10 but my ''shape'' is a lot better


Yeah i read a lot before to post and i know i should have done 2 cycle of 10 week but now it started and i want to finish it so i will know for the next one.
I hope some expert will be able to give me a good PCT for my cycle...


waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too looong for a total newbie.. stop at week 10 like he said or drop deca now and stop at week 12 and do a normal pct

if you still continue to go ahead i have no idea about your pct..

you should have fixed all this before you went on gear my friend..


No sense in even talking about your stats but a few things.

Any AI on cycle?
Any hcg?
What about a DA?

Your gonna want to let that deca clear out before you start pct I suggest at the minimum run the test one week longer. IMO I would run test 4 weeks longer than the deca, but that's me. Start pct 3 weeks after your last pin. I always like to taper off the serms after pct. Also running a low dose AI such as adex or aromasin during pct while tapering down throughout pct.

Clomid 100/100/50/50/25/12.5
Nolva 40/40/20/20/10/5

Not very wise to start a cycle without a pct planned.


DA ?


so your nutrition sucks big floppy donkey dick...


you might consider using ldn from now on to the end of pct


Put on your thinking cap. These are a must read:








No I do not take any AI on cycle but I have some adex and I have not plannex to use hcg during my cycle i was suposed to start hcg at week 17 for 2-3 week and use clomid at week 19 for 3 week


Well the good news is that with every pin theres a greater chance you won't procreate.


ROFLMAO !! epic one !! made my day !


I assume he means a dopamine agonist

No offence, I've noticed you dishing out lots of advice lately and you SEEM like you know what you're talking about most of the time but I can't seem to separate that from the fact you made a thread about how you were disappointed with your first cycle and you clearly balls'd nearly everything up, I mean the cycle was a CAR CRASH! It makes me question your credibility when giving advice.

I'm sure you're a nice guy and everything but its been eating at me after seeing you post a lot lately


not necessarily, but funny nonetheless


You spent money for gear, spend some for your personal health:


I'd like to know how your estradiol and free test numbers are at this juncture.


im up +13 kgs with today :smiley: it wasnt really a car crash my friend.. and if at all i went wrong somewhere it was with my diet and nothing else.. im giving advice where people ask for it about steroids not diet, and im pretty sure i have a good understanding about it.. and regarding my advice thats for the OP to decide .. so now you can go on mind your own business..


I apologise for the polite tone to my message it obviously wasnt appropriate after your passive aggressive reply and the way you've communicated with other respected members of these boards.

I'd say it was a car crash after seeing you admit that you ate less than my nan and dropping to 250mg for a couple weeks etc wtf is that?

Anyway the fact is you have been here five minutes and are racking up your post count with bro knowledge at best, potentially misleading newbies who are here to learn from the vets. IMO these include bauber, installglass, shredtodeath, WW, PTD, Buds, RDS, Ironman, Reed, ibraga, vtballa, I'm sure there are many others I've missed. You could even learn a thing or two from johnnyk53.

Stick around, pay your dues, soak up the good info and research it to make sure it's correct. This will help you help others.


dude seriously WTF is wrong with you ? so only those people you mentioned can dish out advice and no one else ? rest all should be listening ? im not saying am some super duper pro im just sharing what i have read from the books and countless websites i have read, and its upto teh OP to decide whether he takes it or not..

and regarding my cycle lets lay it rest for a while now, ill tell you how much i maintain of my 13 kgs then we will decide whether its a "car crash" or not.. this would be my last reply to you..and btw dont hijack this thread..