PCT Failed. Help?

Hi everyone new to the site…

I’m pretty sure my pct cycle has crashed…

I am constantly tired, my libido is non existent and finding hard to get an erection.

I have had my bloods done and they came back as NFA (tested for testosterone etc)

I done a 12 week cycle of test e and eq (swapped eq for masteron e for the last few weeks).

I waited 2 weeks after the last jab before I started my pct…

But here is where I think I may have gone wrong.

I did hcg 1500iu every 4 days ( total 10,000 iu) and took 1x clomid and 1x nova every day, however I stopped taking both orals early through my pct (i guess through bad judgement/timing etc).

After about 2 weeks of my pct I feel like crap esp libido wise it’s non existent!

I have been told to jump back on clomid and nova to kick start things. I want to get this right hence why I’m coming to you guys for help. I have a drs appointment in just over 2 weeks but feel that’s a long time to wait in limbo esp if there is something I can do now.

I have increased vitamin b6 and b12 and am taking a good d-aspartic acid.

Please can someone help!

You need to be more descriptive in your doses and time frame.

Example: I took x amount of hcg for x amount of time and started x amount of nolva/clomid at this time and used it for this long.

We have no idea how long you used the serms at what doses and when you started using them in relation to the hcg.

Also it can take weeks to feel normal after a regular month long serm pct. Your 2 weeks off what sounds like a half assed pct.

I took my pct 2 weeks after my last jab as follows:

1500iu every 4 days with 20mg nova and 50mg clomid which was every day.

I started the nova and clomid the same time as the hcg

My hcg cycle lasted 20 days however I stopped using the nova and clomid at about the 10 day mark

This is why guys recommend a simple nolva pct. Sounds like you probably never took enough nolva to start, and quit it too early.

It’s not abnormal to feel like crap during pct, I sure do. Took me almost a month after I ended nolva to feel good again.

Yea I defo think I didn’t do nolva and clomid properly. What would you suggest? Wait it out and let nature take its course or jump back on nolva and clomid…? @aaronca

Why exactly are you taking HCG during PCT? If your body thinks that it has LH, why would it make more? You couldn’t have done it more wrong. The Nolva is the thing that fires up the pituitary to make LH. Take the Nolva, for the full PCT, leave the rest of it alone.

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You need to run a 4 week nolva pct 20/20/40/40

You will probably recover regardless but it will take longer without a proper pct

@zeek1414 sorry for my ignorance but what do you mean by 20/20/40/40 I take it that’s week 1,2,3,4?

This was what I was advised by someone which I now understand is wrong…

@hardartery what should I do now as I want to make things right. I have nolva so should I take that?

Sorry I wrote that wrong 40/40/20/20

Nolva 40mg per day first 2 weeks 20 mg per day the next 2 weeks for a month total.

After that month you should be feeling better the following month

Its best to get blood work a month or so after pct to see how you recovered


@zeek1414 thank you! I have drs end of the month so will keep that as they may want to re-do bloods etc but by then i should see some signs of improvement?

End of month That’s only 20 days that’s not even enough time to complete pct.

As I stated above you should feel improvement generally the month after pct or maybe sooner but blood work should wait til after pct

@zeek1414 yea this is my second week off of a crap pct so I will do the 40/40/20/20 which will be 28 days after that I come off everything or see how I am and continue nolva for a little longer?

Come off see how you feel the following month if your still not feeling right get blood work.

Do you have pre cycle blood work to compare to?

Regardless you will know if you managed to restart your nuts.

@zeek1414 no I only have blood results from after pct which I won’t see until end of the month which sucks as I have nothing to compare to. Not unless they keep bloods on file for super long…

Yea my main concern is sex drive and speed count as I’m looking to start a family which is worse timing! And it’s super stressing me out!

What Zeek said

Zeek is dead on. 40/40/20/20. Do not stop taking it just because it’s not making you feel great right away. It only helps restart your junk, it’s not going to make you feel incredible right away. Takes a while after you’re DONE with those 4 weeks to feel better. Stick it out.

I mean do your research, it doesn’t take a genius to understand how HCG works and why it is not supposed to be taken on a PCT.
You can take HCG during cycle to keep you balls working for a minimum, it is also logical to think that this approach will help with PCT afterwards. So big waste of HCG due to lack of proper information …
Also don’t listen to the first person you talk to about AAS, most steroid users are your regular gym amateur who don’t have a clue about what they’re putting in their body, inform yourself on multiple platforms before injecting yourself!


This advice should be printed on every vial of gear sold worldwide. I cannot believe how many people come on here and admit to having done no research before they radically altered their hormones by jamming oil into a muscle. The whole notion of being that reckless is foreign to me.


So you wanted to have a child so you though that would be a great time to start messing with your hormones and doing AAS without proper anything? How does the female half of that equation feel about that?