PCT Emergency Help Needed

Hey Guys,

Not looking to get a lecture as what you are about to read is retarded and I know it. I am on my second cycle and have not done it responsibly. I have been inconsistent in my doses and regularity and this has been stretched over a period of 16 weeks. Much longer than I intended. On average without too much variation I have been doing 400 MG of Test E and 80 MG of Test Prop with a pointless spattering of D-Bol mixed in. “Mainly when I lift and just because”

Now I am out of both Test P and Test E and have about 500 MG of DBOL left. I have some Clomid that I used for PCT on my last cycle where I was far more responsible due to a more consistent routine and different job.

AAS are not for me until I can be more responsible even though the results have been honestly incredible. I know that after 16 weeks my natural test production is probably shut down. What should I do? should I take D-bol until I can get my hands on appropriate PCT? What does that PCT look like? I can not get NOLVA but I do have Clomid (maybe 500 mg?) and I am looking online for HCG boosters. Just a simple answer of what and for how long would be appreciated and not a “you fucking idiot” lecture would be great. I am going to shelve the steroids until I am ready to do it correctly but need to get out of this mess. Appreciate any help. Thanks


meh. you don’t sound like an idiot. I doubt you’ll get roasted for any of that.

Clomid or Nolva (not both together, though) can be used for pct effectively. Nolva is generally the preferred option, but Clomid is fine for most people. Can you get more of it, though? That’s not a very long PCT. I would want to run the Clomid at 25mg/day for about 6 weeks. By the 5th and 6th week, you can taper the dose down. So week 5 you could do 12.5 mg/day, and week 6 you could do like 5 mg/day (depends on strenght of tabs or liquid or whatever you have). Based on that dosing, I THINK 500 would last you, or get you close.

You should start the clomid 2 weeks after the last time you pin the test E. You should not be pinning anything after you start.

EDIT: what is an HCG ‘booster’? Are you talking about actual HCG? If you’re talking about something over the counter, it won’t be useful, and I wouldn’t bother.

Thanks Flip, I heard that HCG boosters or HCG not sure which can help restart your natural test production. My main concern is not losing energy and sex drive while I come off of this. I am resigned to losing my muscle tone as I just have not been able to get to the gym hardly at all.

Another question: Clomid made me feel terrible. I am going to look again for Nolva but would taking DBol during this transition keep my test levels steady while I source these drugs?

Really looking to get through this PCT with as limited side effects possible. Thanks again

To clarify… you’re planning on taking JUST dbol, after you run out of test, indefinitely, until you find Nolva?

You could do that, but I wouldn’t plan to do it more than a couple weeks after your last test shot, and DEFINITELY stop the dbol a day or 2 before you start pct. If you can’t source nolva, bite the bullet and use the clomid. it’s better than nothing.

Natural test production will be kickstarted by the nolva or clomid. HCG will not do this for you, and an HCG booster CERTAINLY will not help you in any regard. HCG is used for fertility purposes, not testosterone production. You really, really should read more.

I have hear HCG does do quite a bit for natty test rejuvenation. But I will look at an HCG forum. Is there anything over the counter that will help with any of this as well? I am worried about depression/energy

I heard guys over seas use dbol and tren only cycles coming in to shows. Umm you could order some research nolva and have it in a couple days or order MENT if you don’t want to stop. J7st some options.

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What is research Nolva?

Well none of what I’m going to write is ideal but this situation is just not ideal.
No DBol at all now - it will just dig you a bigger hole than where you are already.
Start Alpha Male at double the recommended dose right away and take for at least 8 weeks.
You can get Nolvadex from any peptide/research site on the internet - it might not be the best quality, but it will be better than nothing. Run this for 5 weeks at 40/40/20/20/10 per day.
If you can get your hands on HCG then do 5 weeks as well at 5000 first shot, then 5 days later another 5000, then 6 days after 2500, then 7 days after 1500, then twice per week for one week at 500, and finally twice per week for 1 week at 250. If you are going by this HCG protocol you NEED to also take the Nolvadex and Alpha Male as I suggested.
This is the “fucking idiot” emergency protocol…not standard.
Just get this done - order this stuff immediately and start protocol as soon as you can…take nothing else until then. You need to kick start your test and high doses of HCG should get that done.

Next cycle come talk to me first please and have everything for a complete cycle and PCT prepared before you start.