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PCT Duration?


I'm not an AAS user.. but have tried TRT and have used a clomid type restart..
My question is..

Why do some run a SERM say clomid for 4-6 weeks at a higher dose.. instead of a much smaller dose for say 12 weeks ?
I ran clomid at 25MG EOD and my LH levels were over normal high range..

I get nasty sides from Clomid.. The lower the dose the better they get though..

Thoughts ?


"bro-science" and the more is better, mindset.

in most of the studies i've seen, clomid is used at 25-50 mg in men, so that seems to be the best dose. and the half-life is absurdly long, so any taper is kinda silly.... same with tamoxifen, for that matter. it's been shown to be very effective in men at 20 mg/day, so i don't know why people go higher....

but for what it's worth, at least guys take PCT seriously, and are trying to make their test levels come back up. i can respect a guy that overdoes it more than somebody who half-asses it....


as far as the time of PCT, i think that should vary, based off the compound used...

clomid and nolvadex can easily be run for 6-8 weeks. toremifine can go longer, up to 12 weeks, and still raise test levels.

a lot of guys wanna rush PCT and just do 4 weeks, but i think going longer is certainly a good idea, "just in case".....


we have a connection, you and I. PCT is the most important part of a cycle. Can't understand why so many seem desperate to half-ass it.