PCT Diary and Results

I thought I would share how my PCT actually went as very little is said on the matter from what I found.

Mostly when you search PCT on the web, you are reading threads about the different types of PCT you can do or horror stories from individuals that have not done a sensible cycle or a sensible PCT.

So this I my personal experience and my thoughts on the matter, take from it what you will. I’m not a doctor or a scientist and have only glossed over the handful of papers that get regurgitated on here every now and again

So I’ve only done one cycle so I am relatively inexperienced on the AAS topic

My cycle was weeks 1-10 Test E 500mg a week, I ran HCG at 100UI ED from weeks 5-11. I didt do any meaningful estrogen control during the cycle. (I gained 12kg of total weight and kept about 6kg of that in the end)

I started PCT at week 12, and PCT consisted of Nolva 50,50,25,25

So weeks 11,12,13 I felt exactly the same as I had on cycle. Could lift hard in the gym, sex drive was still good. Back Acne was tolerable.

Then came week 13 (beginning of second week of PCT) so I began to shrink quite rapidly. I probably lost around 4kg of weight in this week. Mentally still feeling ok, definitely disappointed that my weight is dropping.
Phisically however I am a mess, both shoulders are now killing me and I have what feels like a cracked rib.

I can’t really train for a whole week, I try in vain, but I’m just making it worse. Force myself into the kitchen to keep the calories up!

Sex drive is still good

Week 14 (25mg of Nolva a day)

Finally can get back in the gym, although it is hard work. My lifts have decreased and I’m phisically smaller. Also hard work in kitchen. Diet has slipped a bit. But managing to keep calories up.

Sex drive has reduced, not really interested in sex, could force it, but would have to go at it like a mad man to finish.

Still feeling ok though, probably a little bit more susceptible to feeling low, but nothing awful.

Starting to get acne breakouts on face and back Acne is pretty bad.

Week 15 (25mg of Nolva)

Much the same as week 14, all in all I lost 6kg in weight!?! Although I’m pretty sure it was water!

Gym and kitchen still really hard work

Acne ramping up!?!

Week 16 (nothing)

Feel same as week 15

Week 17 ( nothing)

Feel great this week! Back in the gym with energy! Sex drive is back.

Only real problem is acne…

Week 21!

So I’ve put on a little fat, but I do feel like I’m building muscle again now.

I hope that someone will find this diary useful. Here are a few of my other thoughts surrounding the cycle I did and the PCT

-If the Bro Science is to believed I should be pretty much back to normal by now a month out of PCT, this definitely is not the case, I still have acne which I did not have pre cycle. I won’t be doing another cycle, but I will probably get a blood test done in 2months time. If I remember I will post up results.

There is a lot of people on this forum giving out bad advice, before taking advice try and research the individual supplying it. You might be surprised.

4 or 6 week PCT, I have never done a 6 week PCT. But I definitely think that towards the end of the 4 week PCT the Nolva is hindering recovery not helping it. I did a shortish cycle, so might be different if you did a longer cycle.

HCG or no HCG, it’s the weirdest feeling having your balls shrink. HCG reversed that pretty quickly on cycle. For me that alone is a worthwhile benefit.

I think it would be pretty hard to go through PCT and maintain a normal sex life, I think it would be unlikely you could hide a steroid cycle from a partner.

I didt detail the nightmare scenario that ensued during PCT. So I’m about 3days into this cracked rib thing and Im racking my brain thinking how have I done this. Then I think to myself, I wonder is it the Nolva causing this. So I take a look at the Nolva fact sheet. Pretty much written across the front of the sheet in big letters. If you get chest pains go to hospital immediately… So after mulling this over for about an hour and reading up the symptoms of pulmonary embolism. I decided I’m going to hospital. So intially I’m keeping quiet about the cycle and nolvadex. They punch some numbers into a risk factor calculator. I come out like at a 0.5% risk. Before I know it I’m being pushed out the door with some pain killers.

So at this point I’m left with no option but to confess to my misdeeds! At which point after hours and hours of waiting and consultations and being pumped full of blood thinners. The only way they can rule out a PE is to give me a CT scan. Which is not a pleasant process. Fortunately I was fine!!.

However consider the fact that I’m in the UK and the NHS will treat my body for free regardless of what stupid thing I’ve done to it. What I wonder is, would you be able to tell your doctor’s in the US the truth in order to access the appropriate tests without your health insurance company cancelling your policy!?! Worth considering prior to doing a cycle!

I hope someone finds my experience useful. I was having a lot of anxiety about the forthcoming PCT from reading the numerous horror stories. However It really wasn’t to bad (bar the hypocondria i experienced :slight_smile:)

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Thank you for posting your experience. It’s good to hear detailed and actual experiences for those that are considering this path. Not sure I see much in the way of bad advice here though. Most at least gets corrected.