PCT DESIGN: Test Taper With or Without SERM?

My prior posts went unanswered (hopefully I am doing this correctly). I really am hoping for any responses from T-Nation members, as many know the mere mention of the word TAPER on another forum will result in name calling an an immediate rejection off-hand from all who dogmatically repeat “tapering is worthless, bro”

Thank you in advance to anyone who can share some of their relevant AAS/HPTA wisdom!

My cycle was as follows:

1-10: Test P @ 80mg ED
5-10: Masteron @ 50MGED
Had arimidex but used very sparingly, and did not seem to need it
Blood work done prior. I should have done another blood test mid cycle but did not

PCT/TAPER : 3 days after week 10 last injection of Test+Mast, which happened to be Friday, 4/11

The dosages referenced are spread throughout the week (parenthesis = tentative plan, open to critique)

1: Test 90mg (3 injections of 30mg, which began Tuesday, 4/14)
2: Test 75mg
3: Test 60mg
4: Test 50mg (considering adding in masteron at this point to help with the test deficit, and also because I don’t have much masteron left, though I could be compelled to purchase more)
5: Test 45 (MAST 45?)
6: Test 25 (MAST 25)
8: Test 10 (MAST 10) - Should I up the masteron here? Will that much masteron have any positive effect?

I would love any suggestions from anyone with tapering experience (or even if you haven’t tapered but are familiar with Prisoner’s protocol) as to how this might be improved upon…

I keep going back and forth on whether or not to use the NOLVA I have. Was considering adding it in around week 5 of the PCT/Taper design and tapering down. Would really appreciate any thoughtful contributions on SERM use with the taper…

So far, I have actually felt BETTER overall (I was feeling a bit sluggish/lethargic toward the end, and oddly my feet and ankles were getting swollen and I just felt a bit foggy). I anticipated feeling like shit, but that has yet to occur (knock on wood). Incredibly effective cycle-- was able to put on 24 relatively clean pounds. I was 170 @ 10% BF, and came up to 194 at 13%BF… Sitting at 188 currently, and it looks better than when I was a bit bloated and puffy at 194.

Also, if there is something constructive I could be doing to earn some responses, please let me know! I very much respect the level of thought, and relatively scientific approaches-- compared to other nameless forums I’ve been on, where 19 year old bros are eagerly giving out free advice on how to get super jacked for raves and houseboating trips…

Thanks Yall,


thank u for writing this

If just running a couple 8-12 week cycles a year, standard pct IMO.Tapering works. It is sound science. But i think it is a better recovery option for heavy long term users looking to come off successfully instead of guys just doing a couple/few cycles yearly. With SERM works better IME.

Thanks for the response Juice. I really went back and forth a lot and ultimately went with a taper with the biggest reason being I work a pretty high stress sales job and I was a bit worried that if I just came off suddenly, it could produce a bit of anxiety/mood swings and I wanted to remain as stable as possible at work.

Out of curiousity, have you tried both (Standard PCT as well as taper protocol)?
ext time around, I think I’ll do a 6-8 week with a standard PCT. I’m sure this has been done to death-- but do you prefer clomid or nolva or both personally?

Again, thanks for the response, Juice.