PCT Deca + Testa

hey guys i’m 21 years old, actually 1.5 years ago i took deca + test and didn’t took any PCT( biggest mistake of my life) coz i was not aware of PCT and now i’m experience low libido, Fatigue, acne(face ,chest, back), fat gain etc…

i searched a lot about this and i got to know about PCT.
but still i don’t know what should i do in my case.
i met with a guy and he suggest me to take NOLVADEX + APL.
i don’t know if it gonna work for me or no.

help me please !!!


Go see an endocrinologist or something

Get bloodwork.

Go see a doctor.

jesus, a year and a half…

any solution bro ??
or i have to see the doctor??

[quote]preet_9 wrote:
any solution bro ??
or i have to see the doctor??

you absolutely, positively, 100% must see a doctor.

Do not fuck around here. Go to the doctor and ask for a full hormone panel. If he says no, demand it, and if he still says no get down on your knees and beg him.

You don’t want to be 21 years old and having to thumb it in

hey i went to the doctor and i explained him everything. He said its a long time and 1 short course cannot effect your body bla bla bla…
but he did my blood test and today he called me and said everything is all right as i told you but i feel something is wrong, what should i do ???
here my blood test result :-


LH 1.7 - 8.6 4.7
TESTOSTERONE TOTAL 8.64 - 29 14.00
TESTOSTERONE FREE 4.36 - 14.3 7.28
APS 0.003 - 2 0.443