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PCT Deca Dick

So…it’s an old story.

I was using hcg during my cycle. I took my last deca shot 2 weeks ago and my last test shot today.
750 test e/wk
400 deca/wk

It had been a few months since I had been with a girl. I hadn’t noticed my bits and pieces were not all in synch.
So, after 2 embarassing and awkward situations, I realized I have deca dick. I cant get him to work.

That being said my pct includes clomid and hcg.

I have read lots of conflicting information on many forums as to how long this will last.
Some say 4-6 weeks others up to 8 months?

And is there anything I can do other than weather this?

I read proviron will help but will shut me down.
I also read hcg would work but will also shut me down.

So, I dunno. I plan to start my next cycle mid july or early august.

Don’t use hcg with your PCT–that’s stupid

I could be wrong, but if “Deca dick” is caused by being shutdown hard and not by something like high prolactin or estrogen, then you don’t have deca dick since you are still on exogenous test. Tons of other possibilities for mr. willy not working other than deca…estrogen, thyroid, dopamine, mental state, etc.

Overall, I think many people think Deca Dick is due to prolactin build up and or estrogen rather than being shut down as I do still have test in my system,

If that is what is up, then how can I get those levesl back to normal besides waiting it out?

Overall, I think many people think Deca Dick is due to prolactin build up and or estrogen rather than being shut down as I do still have test in my system,

If that is what is up, then how can I get those levesl back to normal besides waiting it out?

always have a contingency plan mate, mine is Viagra or Kamagra;)

Jokes aside, proviron shouldnt shut you down and it always gives me the good old stiffy after a rather trecherous cycle. why not add in a natural test booster, such as ZMA or D-Aspatrtic acid to help catalyse your system into a homeostatis state. I usually combine Nolva, Proviron, Clomid and a natural test booster post cycle. U should wait around 18days before you start PCT after the long chain test esters. i dont touch HCG, as if taken incorrectly, it can and will shut suppress test levels even further.

trust this helped somewhat.

You could just go get your prolactin and E2 tested to confirm. Bromo for the former, AI for the latter. Were you not using an AI on your cycle?

Juggernaut’s suggestion to take a test booster seems rather silly, since you are still on T. Maybe leading up to and during PCT, but if you have exogenous test in your system, your body won’t create its own no matter how much test booster you throw at it.

Thanks for the replies.

I am about to go for a hike and I’m going to do some more thinking.

I hear good things about dostinex (as high as it is) that should lower my prolactin.

So, I may get that and some proviron next week.

Im not sure stressed at the moment as it was in the back of my mind but since I am new to DECA I had no clue how it would affect me.

That being said, hopefully, in 4-5 weeks it will be out of my system and things will be back to normal


I was speaking specifically during PCT mate, pardon the confusion

So you are just going to run a dopamine antagonist without confirming that your prolactin is high via bloodwork? not the route I would take, but good luck I guess. I guess you could be lucky and pick out the high prolactin as the cause of your issue out of the hundred or so other possibilities it could be.

As VT has mentioned, blood work will tell you what the issue likely is. If you can’t, or won’t go that route, then assume your issues are from the most common culprits; high E (no AI with 750 mg test/wk) and/or P sides (deca) and/or mental…or any combination of those. Ahem, blood work would help.

But again, of you won’t do that, then consider running a low dose of test (hrt type levels), alongside a proper HCG protocol, with an AI and some caber. That would cover your bases sides wise, possibly even things out hormonally, and prep you for a proper PCT. Of course that protocol will take probably a month before you can start PCT, but its better than being shutdown and suffering long term, and might allow you to recover properly after. Again, blood work would help.

Yes, I agree the common sense thing is blood work. I need to find a doctor I can trust as my pcp walks a straight line.

I am beginning to think I understand what happened.

I think my last test e gear was bad as there were some problems when I pinned it that were unique to that vial. i.e. I don’t think my body was absorbing it right.

Becuase of that I think the deca did it’s thing and my cycle got all out of whack.

All this occured in the last 2-3 weeks of my cycle.

The end result being I was depressed, I lost my motivation to work out and was overall just in a bad frame of mind.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it is a combination of too high e and prolactin levels.

What I think I am going to do is hcg burst then start on pct.

I am going to give my body time to balance out i.e. 2-3 more weeks than I am going to go in for blood work if things have not improved.

I want to have some sort of baseline when I get my blood work done before I start tinkering with meds etc to counteract the deca sides.


No doctor needed

Hey VTBalla, Thank you for the link.

I appreciate your taking the time to reply to me here.

Ill keep that handy and let you guys know what happens.

Hey, one last question.

Of the tests that company offers, would you recommend I get the testosterone total serm test or a combination of some others?


Use the Bloodwork stickey in the TRT forum for a guide.

OK, as promised here is my update:

I basically had a meltdown lol.
I believe as stated earlier my last batches of test were bunk and I had nothing to fall back on for the last few deca shots. My hormones and libido crashed like humpty dumpty.

Blood pressure through the roof, anxiety, sleeplessness, confusion, no libido, limp dick, no urge to work out at all.

After already being emotoinally vulnerable and reading online here and different forums the problems some people have coming back from deca and waiting too long before seeking a medical opinion, I went to my doctor.

I told him my regiment and what I was doing.
He was completely cool with the whole thing.
He is a teaching doctor at a major university hospital.
He said he will refer to some endocrinilogist collegues to help me out.
First thing is he took blood work. Lots of blood.

The results showed my prolactin was within normal range but my sex hormones were suppressed. I also still had lots of test in my system but it was only 2 weeks since my last deca shot.

He told me everything will return back to normal in time but I needed to lay off everything so they can get a baseline for my hormones for the next few months. And that If I didn’t come back, he could give me some things to help with that. I assume its low doses of test.

My blood pressure was 155 over something. I don’t remember the bottom number but its through the roof. He gave me some blood pressure medicine which has helped tremendously.

He also prescribed some viagra to help fill the gap until my guy starts working normally again.

So, that’s been about 2-3w weeks. Im talking HCGenerate and Post Cycle Unleashed Combo.
I cannot tell if they are helping or if my body is returning to normal but I feel much much better.

I will see him in another two months for follow up blood work to see how my body is returning to normal.

**I was also taking clomid and accutane toward the end. I was having a bad reaction to the accutane with brain pressure and blurry vision.
I left that off as well.

One thing I will say is that DECA had a profound effect on my body. Some of it good and some of it bad.
It transformed my physic. I am way bigger than I was previously, though Ive lost some of those gains becuase of this crash.
My sex drive was the highest I have ever encountered. I could fuck 3 times a day and it still wasn’t enough
But it also had bad side effects.
Acne blemished my entire upper torso. From arms, to chest, back, shoulders and neck. I am still waiting for this to clear all the way up.
And of course the hormonal and libido crash was significant.

I think this may have been lessened had my test been legitimate but who knows, it could have happened regardless.

I think I should have run HCG more regularly throughout the cycle and possible had something like letrozole?

Either way, I will update this as my body comes back till everything is fine.

In the meantime, Ill be stocking up for my eventual next cycle which will NOT include DECA. Possibly EQ

wait a minute, so are you not doing the standard SERM PCT?

No I got taken off of it. I was having a bad reaction to clomid for some reason this time and my system had already crashed anyways because of the bad test. It was recommended to me from someone to try hcgenerate and pct extreme combo in it’s place. My doctor advised me to get off everything so he could get a baseline as to how fucked up my hormones really are.

I can feel my body slowly coming back. It just sucks my body had this overwhelming reaction to DECA at the end.
I had a lot of fun with it minus all the acne, but never again. I won’t go through my penis not working for several months again

You were told to get off SERMs and onto hcgenerate and pct extreme combo? Oh dear, those over the counter things are garbage. Who told you to do that? Whoever did that does not know what they are talking about and I would never take advice from them ever again. In fact, once your natural test is back I’d punch the silly prick right in the face.

When you say you were having a bad reaction to Clomid, what was happening? If you didn’t want to use clomid you should’ve used Nolva, but you should have definitely used a SERM.

I realise your doctor told you to get off everything for a baseline reading, but I would still have done a SERM PCT. I actually still would, if I were you. Doctor’s generally don’t know anything about steroids.

Let this be a lesson to you. Get the right PCT and ancillaries in future.

Well, I actually was on nolva at the time I went to my doctor.

I think I should have used hcg more religiously during the cycle instead of once a week or so.

I actually did some reading on hcgenerate and it’s gotten really good reviews all over the forums. Not a pharm product like molva or clomid but overall the users seem to like it.

Either way this cycle was a learning experience for me. Bad test, learned my body does not like deca, and should have done more thorough job of having hcg and a serm during the cycle.