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PCT Critique

Hi guys,

Coming off a 16 week Test E cycle, last pin in a week, kick started with dbol and ended with 6 weeks of anavar.

As this was my first cycle and some friends who finished their cycles a few weeks before me are having a hard time in PCT (they did not use HCG) I would like to make it as easy and comprehensive as possible, sadly I didn’t run HCG while on cycle. I have all of the products in the image above except for the Tribestan and DAA. If anyone is wondering why triazole is used up to PCT it’s because I couldn’t source an RC AI and found a few anecdotes of it working well as an AI on cycle (it worked brillantly for anyone wondering, gyno symptoms and some of the water bloat disappeared and never came back once I started taking it).

I’m looking for opinions on whether anything should be changed in terms of timing/anything there is redundant (as far as I’m aware they’re all boosting test/synergising through different pathways), I’m limited to 5000iu of HCG but could possibly get more.

I will also be supplementing 50mg extra zinc, 5000iu vit D and 2500mg vit C divided into 500mg doses throughout the day, are there any other vitamins/minerals which could/should be taken in larger amounts to aid recovery?