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Pct Clean Out


Hi, I am coming to the end of a 14week cycle, I have been using testabol 400 and tri tren 150, this is my third cycle of steriods, and as a noob I have never really done much research, just going by friends and others that I know using steriods, I have been listening to them, my prior two times using steriods I have never cleaned out and lost all my gains, so would like to do it properly this time.

So I have been injecting 3ml of each tri tren and test each week, that's 6ml in total, now coming to the end, I have got myself clomid and hcg kit, i have been told to start 10 days after my last injection, now as I do some research I am reading that I shouldn't use hcg's after steriod cycle at all, so confused and would really apprieciate some help plz and thanks

I have been told instead of hcg and clomid to do this, let me know what use guys think what would be best to keep gains??
14 days after your last injection:

DAA (test booster)
Reduce XT (cortisol control)


Prime example how not to do a cycle.

Your clomid doses are low


Any suggestions on a good clean out cycle ? And should I use the hcg?


Since your cycle was very long i would suggest you to take hcg if you want to bounce back faster. Take 1500-2500 IU eod for 12-14 days . Along with that clomid 50 mg twice a day for a month + nolvadex at 20mg for 45 days.


^ That's right. Do the hcg while the test is clearing your system THEN do pct.


Cheers guys, so I took my last shot 2 days ago, so when should I start with hcg and the clomid?thanks for the info


no they're not. clomid has been shown to be effective numerous times at 25-50 mg/day.


other than your DAA, that doesn't look too bad. DAA is only effective for 2 weeks. any longer, and some folks have seen weird side effects. Reduce XT prolly won't do much for you... if you're really worried about a spike in cortisol, i'd go with phosphatylserine instead.

i agree that HCG should be used at the end of the cycle as a "bridge" into PCT. just don't use it within a week of PCT. 500 IU EOD should be good for 2-3 weeks. no big deal if you can't do that now... just don't overdo it.

one thing that i don't see in your cycle or PCT is an AI for estrogen control. you need to keep estrogen levels down when you transition into PCT... if they're high, your body won't recover, and won't really clear them out, either.

EDIT: also, have you taken anything for prolactin control?


To be honest I'm really confused about this cleaning out and pct stuff , I have been researching and I just keep getting different opinions some saying it's good and other don't agree, so it confusing, also when it starts to get into scientific shit I don't understand, before I take my next course I will defo prepare better, but for now I prity much could use the help , if someone could kindly give me idea from start to finish of pct what to take from start to finish with dosage?! Getting stressed as my last shot was 2 days ago and need to get info as I've 2 weeks top to get pct plan sorted! So far I've got the clomid and hcg, need help here guys and previously lost all my gains!

My cycle was. 12-14 weeks, 3mil of test 400 and 3ml of tri tren (6ml weekly) also I took 1 oxy 50 tab every morning! Plz any info would be helpful...without getting too scientific.lol cheers


Forgot to say , prolactin control is ok, estrogen level arnt extremly high, no sign of bitch tits or bloat! So think I should be fine there


The pct i gave u was written in Willianl Llewellyn's ANABOLICS, 9th edition. this pct protocol has been designed by doctors and successfuly implemented on hundreds of people. Acc. to it u will have to start using hcg a day after ur last testosterone injection and also start taking clomid and nolvadex along with it. clomid at 50mg twice a day for 30 days and nolvadex at 20mg for 45 days. If you want to follow this or not depends on you.


i have some pretty strong feelings on what is best for PCT, but to be honest, i provide actual data that backs my theory and experiences.



do not do this protocol.

  1. HCG stimulates testosterone production. so, if we take it with a SERM, we are simply wasting time with the SERM, as the body isn't gonna increase LH production, when we have HCG mimicking that action already. it should be stopped no less than a week prior to the SERM.

  2. HCG also stimulates aromatization of testosterone to estrogen. you need an AI when you're taking HCG, especially at the end of a cycle, due to the absurd level of suppression caused by estrogen.

  3. pick a single SERM. clomid, nolva or tore. you don't need a bunch, or high doses, because they simply don't increase results, nor are high doses studied with any depth.

  4. and most importantly.... you need to plan the timing of the PCT off the half lives of the compounds you used. this should be compared to the actual level of that one can be expected to produce on their own. if you still have 200 mg of test floating around, there's no point expecting your own HPTA to kick back in, because it's just gonna get suppressed until it's below what you could normally hope to produce (70 mg/wk, max!)