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PCT = Bridge Between Cycles?!


(whatch 2nd video after 3 min)

well i see this video...and of what jerry say pct is useless...except u use it for bridge between cycles...what u think?...

and to be honest i think that jerry is right when stop drugs u will lose all gains - strength in some months..


I think pct is pointless.. if you are going to do steroids at all, I believe you should blast/cruise until you are old enough to start trt.

and u will certainly lose all of your gains after quitting


yes but if someone like me(22years old) want to make kids after some years blast and cruise is a little bit risky dnt u think?...


Blast and cruise? Please explain


so he says hcg, nolvadex, pct etc etc is bs ?






blast = full cycle.. high doses w/ multiple compounds etc.. for about 8 or so weeks

cruise = trt doses (200mg/test/week), allows your body to become more sensitive to aas again, IE reducing myostatin expression, cortisol, etc. about 6-8 weeks.

then repeat.. cruising on 200mg/test allows you to keep most if not all your gains as you progress + if you throw hgh and insulin in there etc.


** i think i will bridge with pct between cycles and see if i manage keep some gains ......my last cycle after 5 months i completely lost my gains..im frustrated :stuck_out_tongue:


I am curious as a guy who has never doing AS. Do you guys agree with these videos? I have heard from many people that they lose 1/3 or so of what they have gained on AS, but they keep the 2/3 as long as their training and such keeps up.

I this actually fact that you lose all gains when your stop the cycle and pct?


I have been thinking about doing this myself instead of coming off my current cycle. This may be a dumb question, but coming off after say a year, what does your sperm count/natural hormone levels look like after (assuming hcg has been used when "on" and proper pct has been run)


And you still ate the macros and trained ? That's so messed up!

Is have heard you lose, but neve that you lose the majority or all!


But at 22 do you really want to always be on something even if its just nolvadex and hcg/clomid?


i have eat same macros on and off cycle....


x2, been there, done that. Went on 3 week cycles (3 total, only to gain something (not insignificant), and then seeing it dissappear in the PCT and the time after. Now, I have decided to blast and cruise, until I decide to come off at some point, depends on whether I will compete or not.


Can;t someone blast for 12 weeks, then cruise for 4-6, if his blood pressure is under control?


this guy has no clue what he's talking about

yes, but myostatin increases after 8 weeks


So mr.walkway are you saying that its impossible to keep any of your gains if no longer on AS? im jjust looking for some clarification

Or are you saying you can keep it all?


Pardon my opinion but this thread is full of bs


I might as well elaborate. This guy is partially wrong. He is only right as it applies to professional male bodybuilders. Pct can not be compared to tylenol. In a study with exogenous testosterone, upon completion it took 4 months to see a change in testosterone levels. Pct is about that kick start. The adequate time off after is about faster bodily adaptation to stabilized levels. A pct with an estrogen receptive modulator acting as both an estrogen agonist and antagonist is important.

See by using weak estrogens, your breast tissue will not display estrogenic side effects. But the influx of the modulator causes an imbalance that makes the body want to produce t and dht. An AI (not something like high dose letro) can stop enzymes from estrogen conversion while also increasing testosterone. So then, when you come off, you have recovered testosterone levels, and you won't have rebound affects unless you are a dumbass, or can't recover from serms because you were on too long and no signal is strong enough for a reboot.

A mixture of clomid and tamoxifen work best because 2 weeks of tamoxifen only produces a modest increase in testosterone. Clomid works faster, but it is best to have both because of lnrh response. Hcg essentially makes the balls responsive to the incoming LH. So no its not a bandaid on a wound. It is is a reboot.

All of the essential vitamins and amino acids (daa is good) help the body start going on its own again. You talk to guys who are on for years and they fucked and need trt unless by some small odds a trip shot and pct works. For athletes like football players (and duh they are on shit throughout college) steroids give them an edge. That does not mean they need a bodybuilder regimen of blast/cruise.

Now for the guys who dont recover with pct. a month of a mildly suppressive, hell or very suppressive prohormone will not most likely fail to recover t levels within a month of pct.

Last point id like to make is some gains are definitely permanent especially with diet and exercise. This is attributed to general cellular hyperplasia that occurs with time (more often than not gh related), and the fact that you aren't a deflating balloon. There is a breaking point. Some bodybuilders come off and drop from 280 to 240 fairly lean. Will there be losses? absolutely. But 240 is above that 5'7" mans natural potential.

The body is resilient but transformations can be made with time. It is a marathon not a race. But yes, there is no way pros take 10 grams of steroids and a month pct and be fine. Less than a gram of test enth and you are g2g.