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PCT, Bloodwork, Thoughts on Next Cycle


I'm finishing up my second week of clomid at 50/25/ and ill do more more 25. I honestly feel pretty good. I tapered down my test and was only on for 8 weeks so the come off was pretty easy, my lifts haven't really changed. I'm looking quite a bit softer which could be from me being in a calorie deficit for 3 weeks now, I wanna stay lean before my next cycle... How long after my last day of clomid should I try to get a full blood panel? I wanna see my lh, fsh, test, free test, e2, prolactin and cholesterol stuff before I start another cycle, but don't want my clomid to effect it.

Anyone else get anxiety with clomid? Started noticing it after the first week, didn't experience any during my first two cycles.
Should I pct longer?
I'm gonna take time off until I see my blood work but if my natural levels are all healthy I wouldn't mind getting back on again for my next cycle in about a month.

thanks as always


I was taking caber still at .25mg every 3 days because i was on DAA the first week and I’m sensitive to prolactin, also was taking .5mg arimidex every three days for the first week and a half, should I continue both of these? I feel like my anxiety is prolactin/low test related which makes me concerned that I lowered my clomid too quickly. It would help if I had more experienced advice


what was your cycle?

the ester determines when your own production would be back up…

(test e/cyp has a 5 day half-life)

if you’re looking significantly softer now, it might be due to a spike in estrogen…