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PCT Bloods and Second Cycle Thoughts

Hi guys,

Almost done with PCT now from my first cycle… when do you recommend taking bloods, 3 weeks after pct maybe?

Also its a few months of yet, but thinking about my second cycle already. My first one didn’t go on for as long as planned, due to current situation and few other factors.

So my first one was planned to be 16 weeks long, with just sust at 500mg week I only ran it for 8 weeks in total. Had good gains and amazing strength, also got to see how I react to test ect.

I found out that I bloat and hold water rather fast, gained about 14lb in 2 weeks alone from this… also i did get some gyno lumps/knots.nothing to bad and everything was resolved with tamoxifen and diet. But it gave me understanding that I’m prone to high e2,also confirmed this with labs so something to bare in mind.

Question - should I keep second cycle simple and run the test for longer or should I consider to add compounds?

I put on around 10kg during first cycle and so far into PCT kept 8kg of it.

I have gone up a bit in BF too few kg atleast. I’m aware I will lose some more gains as that happens during PCT. what makes it worse is gyms being closed too… i will cut fat later in year as a deficit now probably isn’t best idea.

Any thoughts or advice be much appreciated