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PCT and the Future?


I just read an article in MD about Triptorelin an in the article it was administered to KNOWN AAS users who have had failed PCT's with Clomid an or other means, but after 1 injection of Triptorelin they recorded results in improved sex drive , depression , an over all drive Im extremely curious if anyone on this forum has EXPERIENCED this first hand an can give some serious insight the thought of 1 single injection an PCT is complete is really appealing ....


There was a guy over on the TRT forum who had somewhat brought his system back online with triptorelin (i believe)...you may be able to search and find it...he was basically shut down and the triptorelin got him moving back in the right direction--he was still low but it hadnt been a great deal of time since his dose...no updates from him unfortunately the best I can recall

But it looks promising


Sorry to threadjack, but its sort of related. I did a cycle nearly 7 months ago, short esters (acetate and propionate). I have still not recovered, done bloods twice, first time Test, FSH, LH, E2 was low, prolactin was high.
Second time which was a month ago, Test is low and prolactin is high. I feel depressed and just shitty basically.
What to do? Bastard doctors wont do anything, they said it will recover over time, just keep sending me for blood tests.
Ive tried hCG protocol with a another PCT, didnt seem to work.
Any suggestions?



Agree that your HPTA doesn't seem to have recovered, for whatever reason. My suggestion would be to open a thread in the TRT forum, post an introduction and list all your labs and see what we can pinpoint. read the Advice for New Guys stickey before posting for better feedback.


Thanks, was thinking to do that but didnt want to clutter the TRT forum. I have re-posted in the steroids forum under "libido boosting" which was my original thread. I do not have numbers for my latest blood test as of yet as the endo did not give them just said low test high prolactin, but do have ones for my february blood test.


Well to be perfectly honest with you. YOU are the exact person that the tests in the article were performed on ADVANCED AAS users mutliple cycles.. so i would DEFINATLY get your ass into the doc tell him about Triptorelin, an then be this forums living proof it is a option for PCT.. would be nice.. i mean if you could be done with a 14 wk Test E cycle an when it runs out of your system get 1 injection ( 100g ) an as early as 10 days be seeing an feeling refreshed.. an TEST levels rising back to normal ranges... think of the muslce you could save .. an how much quicker you could possibly get back on a cycle i dunno stuff to think about but i think you definatly need to go to your doc an ask about Triptorelin