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PCT and Supplements


i'm sure there are other smart fellas on the forum- but i dont know them. could i get an answer from you so i know i'm getting the "straight butta" as they say on the streets. sense nolva works by increasing gonadatropin release, i was thinking of using RED KAT along with it (for pct) b/c it is supposed to work at the testicular level. what say you?


I use Alpha Male pretty regularly with my pct, which always has nolva it it...amongst other goodies. Yeah it's a fine idea.


guys, it doesnt have to be just Cy- i just especially wanted his imput. thoughts, anybody?


Sometimes it may seem like your doing something wrong, while others times it may seem that you are so right.
like Eddie Guerero from WWE. got hit on the head with a chair and did not make it through the night.
Like me sometimes I fell like I really jacked up on my diet, or even that I maybe took 7 different sups with AAS'S.
You have to get with what fells right for you. Not me, Not Cy.
I get jacked up go to the gym and hit the weights hard. sometimes I am disapointed, while others I am thankfull for the results of years of hard work.
I've asked Questions, that nobody has answered. I went with my instictfull hypothesis. I read all of the books, I read all of the warnings.
It's all manipulation, just be carefull that nobody hits you on the head with a steel chair, and you'll be allright.




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joe cool, whatever good advice you had got lost in a sea of... oddness. so far i have one vote for Alpha Male- so i will definately use the RED KAT at least. but i was wondering if the tribulus might negatively interact with nolva b/c they are both supposed to cause gonadatropin release, anyone?


The boy is lost. LOL.