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PCT and Strength Cycle Critique


This is a new account as I wish to remain anonymous.

I have done 2 previous fairly low dose test only (400mg) cycles with decent results though have steadily lost gains as time goes on after PCT, there are diet consistencies here and there, but overall I have made progress. I am male in my early 20's

I have been training seriously for 2 years and on and off for 4. I have made the majority of my progress naturally so understand dieting and training hard.

I will be following Wendler's 5/3/1 13 week challenge for the beginning of the cycle and will adjust templates afterwards as I see necessary. Most likely using 2/3 day week lower volume heavy weight template during sust cruise. Then joker sets + First set last for final 8 weeks.

My diet can be crappy at times but it essentially consists of ground beef or turkey, pasta, vegetables, cheese, milk, eggs and the occasional chorizo. I indulge in pizzas and PB&J sandwiches (usually after training as I train late and cooking at night while my folks are asleep is inconsiderate and it's quick and easy to bang in the oven if I don't have something home prepared.) fairly often. Protein shakes are reserved for post workout only to keep costs down.

I'm going for pure strength, and am not overly concerned about fat gain so I eat enough to keep me feeling strong which can range from 3000-4000 in mostly protein and carbs though I don't skimp on the fats. I weigh around 170-180lbs at 5'7" 15-20% bodyfat.

Weeks 1 - 12 500mg test e e7d
Weeks 1-4 dbol 30mg ed
Weeks 13-20 250mg Sust e10d
Weeks 21-28 500mg testE e7d
weeks 21-28 50mg tren ace ed

HCG 250iu 3xweek throughout
0.25mg EOD throughout

Primary goal is to increase strength in time for amateur powerlifting comp next year. I wanted to compete this year but as I reached my peak on cycle I got incredible ill and lost a lot weight a week before the comp and was unable to compete, then lost a lot of strength as a result which I am currently trying to bring up to close to where they were before I start this planned cycle.

Questions are
Is this a well thought out medium-long term cycle plan geared for peaking at a meet. If not, could you advise something similar or suggest tweaks you would make.

Would you suggest I do another short cruise of sust after the final blast and then PCT or do a taper? Also what PCT drug/dosages would you recommend personally.

Thank you.

EDIT: There is a free clinic here where I can get bloodworks done which I plan on doing mid cycle. I am clueless when it comes to what I'd actually be looking for and how to take action with the results. Any tips on that would be grateful too. (Obviously I will ask for help understanding the results when I get them, but it would be useful to hear the opinions of some experienced AAS users here.)


Just to clarify, you're running tren everyday for 6 months, correct?


No sorry, I meant to include it within. 21-28 weeks. Didn't see the point in typing that bit out, assumed anything underneath that wasn't listed a time would the one above.

Sorry for the confusion.

Now that's cleared up can I get some advice?


it's a really fucking long cycle man


why do you start with Test-E, transition to Sustanon, and then go back to Test-E?


I personally think it is kinda poorly thought out. But for me personally with the same time frame.

Week 1-12
750mg of Test
300mg of Deca

Week 13-18
200mg Test

Week 19-24
750mg of Test
50mg Tren Ace Daily

Week 25-28(meet week im assuming)
750mg of Test
50mg of Tren Ace Daily
30mg of Dbol Daily


As I understand it Sustaon is better suited to maintenance periods due to longer esters, hence the e10d shot.

But as the above poster pointed it out, it may be a poorly thought out cycle, which I won't criticize as I admit I am new to this.

Back to the drawing board I suppose. It might be more sensible just to take a few more years cycling on and off once or twice a year with test alone.