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PCT and Sides Advice, Test/Mast Cycle

Hi everybody, I’m 30 and doing a 12-week Test/Mast cycle. Test E 600/week, and Mast 500/week. This is my second cycle, and I only ran Test last time. Is 600/week Test E too much when I combine it with the Mast, or is that still fine? PCT for Test was pretty straightfoward. Is it the same approach in my current cycle, or does adding mast to the cycle mean I should something different post-cycle?

Also, if anyone has done Test/Mast together before let me know what the side effects were like so I can know what to expect. I’ve read articles on it of course, but first-hand accounts are always interesting. Thanks.

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You’re running over a gram of gear weekly on you’re second cycle… why?

PCT remains the same… I’ve done test/mast (100/200 for like 6 wks and 250/100 for like 3-4 wks)… libido went up, muscles took on a distinctly harder look, more aesthetically pleasing

Also had cramps, painful pumps though

Thanks for the advice. In terms of going over a gram of gear, does the chance for dangerous sides skyrocket or something? I know what the sides are, and experienced some the first cycle, but didn’t know if over a gram is a “red line” or something or if over a gram makes certain sides like gyno almost guaranteed.

The higher the dose, the higher the chance for long term consequences like

  • heart failure
  • cardiomyopathy
  • kidney failure
  • kidney disease
  • cognitive deficit (yes, there is a distinctly neurotoxic effect mediated from high dosages)
  • haematological alterations leading to a hypercoaguable state
  • strokes/blood clots
  • myocardial infarction
  • sudden cardiac death
    And more

I’d you aren’t aware of the VERY REAL chance of these ailments occurring when blasting megadosages (to me, I’d say 1000mg + is a megadose that no recreational gym rat should be going over) then you shouldn’t be using in the first place

Gyno, baldness, acne are side effects so minor in the grand scheme of things… it baffles me people are more worried about counteracting balding, but not adamantly trying to reduce cardiac risk associated with AAS use