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PCT and running an AI during cycle.

So I was thinking about this earlier today and am curious as to what some of your thoughts are. If you’re running a cycle and run it in conjugation with an AI such as Arimidex, wont your estrogen levels be significantly lower than someone who didnt? So in theory, would you need to take as much Nolva/Clomid etc as someone who didn’t run the AI?

I’m about to start my PCT here in about 4 days and ran Arimidex at .25mg EOD. My PCT btw is going to include Nolva and Aromasin and was just curious about this matter.

Estrogen isnt the only threat to your HPTA activity.

Exogenous androgens also create a pretty severe feed back loop for shutdown.

You will need the same amount of nolva as any one else.