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PCT and Booze


Hey guys im just finished the hcg part of my pct which also includes nolvadex for another 3 weeks. would it be safe for me to drink one night this wkend considering i havent had one since last may?


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no i suppose its not 100% necessary but what damage could it do to mt pct? how long would it set me back etc.


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I went out with my wife about a week into my PCT (Clomid and Nolva) and hadd a few too many. It was the worst time I have ever had. On top of being an emotional wreck because of the clomid - I was a mean drunk.

I am NEVER a mean drunk. I learned my lesson very well. I have not had a drink of alcohol since that night. The fear of me being a mean drunk has all but quenched my love of a fine bourbon.

My advise? Leave the hooch alone if you are on PCT.


I've done it before and had no problems. Is it going to help muscle growth and help retain gains? WTF do you think?


what the fuck do i think? obviously not. im not expecting it to benefit me. im wondering what the downside is.


about to begin in a couple weeks my pct and am trying to figure out what to take nolva or clomid? and in what doses (opions seem to vary). any help would be great. thanks


In regaurds to that last post. You really should have already got that figured out well before you started. I'm probably an asshole for saying this but do a search on this site and come back with what seems to be your best bet...and start your own post discussing it please. THis post is about drinking on PCT.


The alcahol will disturb your bodies protien synthesis costing you hard earned gains.


yeah but you make it sound like ALL my hard earned gains are going to fly out the window. for example do you really think that i will lift less in the gym on monday if i drank friday nite and proactively recovered all weekend? i dont think so. will i weigh less? probably not. will i be fatter. probably not after one drinking session. so whats the downside?


I would look at it like this: you spend definable amounts of time working out, eating, and sleeping while working towards your goals.

If you drink on PCT some amount of that time is wasted since you will diminsh your bodies ability to retain gains already made.

No one can tell you how much of that time is wasted but some of it is. Is it two hours? two weeks? two months? Who knows?

For me it is not worth it. I don't want to waste one minute of effort. I am serious about my goals so I quit drinking entirely. Attaining my goals is more important to me than a crappy buzz.

Just my two cents.


If you'v already answered all of you own questions, then why even start a thread about it?

It's your body - do whatever the hell you want. You asked questions - and you got answers. Don't cry if the answers aren't what you want to hear.


First of all dickhead im not crying. Thats not the point. Those are my opinions. Im trying to assess whether they are right or wrong by hearing OTHER peoples opinions. Its called objectivity, you should give it a try.



i'm not sure what you're getting at here...you have the potentional to lose some of your gains. you already realize that, and some of the guys here have pointed it out to you. RJ explained that he actually had some bad sides while drinking on PCT, and why he said not to. i agree with him, as well as BushBoy and the rest...if you wanna drink-go ahead. but it mgiht throw things off a little.....i don't know of any alcohol issues with Nolva, so i doubt that will be an issue. however, if you used a lot of orals in your cycle, then you really might want to let your liver recover a little more....


You call me dickhaead, and then proceed to tell me how you are being objective?

Pot - meet kettle.


no i didnt have any orals on the cycle but going back to your point about throwing things off, i suppose what im trying to get to the bottom of is whether the negative effect of alcohol on muscle gains is accelerated while on pct. of course i understand what alcohol can do to muscle development as i have drank for years until this (my first) cycle. this is getting very technical indeed but outside of the side effects we normally associate with alcohol consumption, i cant seem to find any additional problems while drinking on pct that wouldnt be experienced if i wasnt on pct.


Alright, the last time I checked PCT was instituted to restore endo test production....Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but alcohol suppresses endo test production--to what degree, that is dose/duration dependant, but the bottom line is that alcohol consumption is counterproductive to the goals that you're looking to accomplish during this time period(PCT).
My honest opinion is that one night of drinking should be fine and not throw your pct into disarray provided you don't drink an entire case of beer yourself--everything in moderation bro.



hey thanks for that. ive done the deed now anyway. other than the worst hangover i have EVER experienced all seems to be ok. thanks to everyone that helped.


.......enter biggest waste of time.....

why ask the questions if you are going to do it anyway.......

unless you drink Johnny Walker Blue Label:)