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PCT After Short Ostarine Cycle?

So there is room for recovery? I will not use any other drug, just want to get back to normal and avoid TRT for now.

Yes but what are you wanting to ‘recover’? Numbers are just numbers. What is the problem if your libido is good, strength is good and recovery is good?

In this case numbers aren’t just numbers. I was not in the 900s and fell to the 500s. I was on the 500s and fell to 350.

If anything happens, a great stress, an illness, insomnia… If I fall from here I will feel all the symptoms of hypogonadism, that I felt when I was on the 200s.

I do want to recover, to have that safety, that I will not go straight to panic attacks and ED, months from now.

Not to be blunt but yes they are. If I waved a magic want and nothing changed about you but you tested at 900nd/dl of test would you feel better? The answer is ‘yes’ because you are seeking a number. Well… abracadabra my friend. I’ll print you a report.

From my undertanding there still room for “improvement” and to restablish my testicular function in the coming months. I just would like to know from more experienced people like you if that is possible.

If you got no problem you don’t take anything and probably bounce back naturally. Your H and P are working, your testicles are not as euphoric as they once were about pumping out test. So ok, wait and get bloods in a few months. Don’t stress yourself if you’ve got no symptoms. There aren’t that many options either here: TRT, hCG, a SERM or going natty. Choose.

Also, you said you had low T before?

In that case, that’s just the limit of your body.

“Also, you said you had low T before?”
My Total was 532 and free 12,6 pre cycle. Is that low?

I understand that my LH is not full recovered so there is room for some improvement, ~9 months in that one and only article about it, and that the testicles take a longer time to recover,

I plan to not take anything, and take time to recover.

No. You said something about being in the 200s. I think you get there with waiting.

Yes, if they take a good hit, they are out some time. They come back, they always do. (Well, not really always)

I was on the 200s on the post cycle. The clomid took me up to the 500s but I did not stuck there.

The week after stopping clomid i had 5 days of insomnia, sleeping only 3 hours a night. I do not know If that IS enough to hinder the PCT effects much.

Well, now I’ll have to wait to see.

Thank for your support. That really makes a difference.

If you measure then, your T will be way down.

No problem, hope you are recovering soon!

My doctor told me to test again in 30 days to see if i improve the numbers, or then try clomid monotherapy.

I’m fluctuating, some days are great, but 1 or 2 days in the week I have insomina then it wrecks my day totaly. I’m in one of those days, feeling like hell and my arms muscles aches, no anxiety, just some depression. If I sleep weel today, tomorrow I’ll feel nothing.

I’m really trying to recover, training just 30 minutes with high intensity, going to bed became a religion, I’m trying to live my life, but these days when I do not sleep are hell and I’m becoming afraid of them.

I cannot believe I wrecked my life with such a low dose of ostarine.

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Took me 10 months, now I’m “totaly” recovered (no symptoms).
Had ED for 4 months, resolved with 2,5 mg cialis. No libido at all.
5 months ago my ED started to go away, but still had some difficulty with getting an erection.
3 months ago my libido started to come back
1 month ago i retired the cialis.

Now I have my erections on comand, all day long back to normal.

Man what a ride. Had I seen this video before… Personality Traits Determine The Success Of Your Cycle | Don't Take Steroids If You Over-Analyze !! - YouTube

I got to thank you for your patience, you explained how it is, and that way it was. But this video also painted the reality.

Thank you again brother, your word helped me go through it with hope of getting better even if two years later.

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Congratulations man, that’s why patience is a virtue.

I’m glad I could help you out. Thanks for the kind words.

Just saw your post above, I know the feeling when you have a night without sleep, it happens to me sometimes. Going to bed on time and waking up at the right time does wonders for well-being.