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Pct After Potentially Fake Gear


First off, hey guys :slight_smile: been lurking here for a while, some knowledgable posters here so I have my fingers crossed

Basically, run my first ever test e cycle at 500/mg a week and after 12 weeks gained a mere 4-6lbs with strength being barely affected. But. Maybe I just didn't react well to test, obviously first cycle so I have nothing to compare it to. Will running a pct damage me in anyway if I'm not shut down? I want to run one as a precaution, but if it will do more harm than good then I'm a bit hmmm. I can't get bloodwork done for private reasons, otherwise i would not need to post this xD. Any help will be greatly appreciated, cheers


What dose of testosterone were you using?


Says in my original post, 500mg/week split into 2 doses


Do you mean "private reasons" like you can't tell us? Or you have privacy concerns, irl?

Either way, I'd recommend http://www.privatemdlabs.com/

You don't have to see a doctor and you can place an order anonymously using gift cards or cash directly deposited into their B of A bank account.


Both on here and real life, its extremly complicated to explain.
With that site I fear I won't have results in time, my last injection was last weeks Monday so pct will begin in 5days, that's why I came here as its an emergency, I don't want to put potentially harmful hormones into my body (lol at the irony)

So would I be at risk running a pct? Even if my hpta has not been shut down?


My bad for skimming through your original post. Perhaps your gear wasn't totally fake, but severely underdosed.. I personally would still run a pct in order to be safe.


So there would be no adverse side effects or permanent damage?


what are you planning on running for pct? I honestly can't think of any sort of permanent damage..


Clomid and nolva
Clomid 100mg days 1-7 then 50mg days 7-21 (or 28)
Nolva 40mg days 1-7 then 20mg for a following 4 weeks


Bump for confirmation of my safety


From your initial post, you sound like you're upset about a lack of progress on your first cycle. How was your training? Diet? Rest/recovery? Even on gear, that stuff is still very important.


Diet 3-4k cals a day depending on work (never lower)
Training upper/lower split
Wed/sat/sun = off days

Iv known guys with far worse diets + training get pretty great results. Even with a shitty diet surely I should have gained more, be it just strength or mass


That ain't necessarily so. If you're not gaining weight on your diet, then you're eating at about maintenance...it's that simple. 3-4kcals may well not be enough for YOU and your macro balance may be off as well. You should have diet and training dialed in before starting a cycle; that means you should be gaining already, instead of expecting your cycle to make you gain.


Or it could just be fake gear. If its fake, then why are you talking about running a pct. It was either fake, or you diet/training suck.


I was gaining at 2700-3000k naturally, tried bumping cals but led to more fat gain than muscle

If I gained 6lbs over a 12 week period I obviously was doing something right, if it was fake then I still gained, if it wasn't then I gained a shitty amount with occasionally 1k cals more than I'm used to.
The guy above me, you're thick, gaining 6lbs of muscle doesn't indicate shit diet/training, nor can it distinguish fake gear. So your response was a waste of time.

Fuck, not one of you have provided me with the answer I need.. all making pointless contributions


WTF do you want douche?

An answer to will running a pct hurt you? That was your only question and it was answered.

If you're on gear, gaining 6 pounds over a 12 week cycle if muscle growth was your goal is shitty and then yes, you're diet/training were shitty.

If you're not on gear, then good job.

Now go fuck yourself.


Actually, no it wasn't. The guy said he thought it would be okay, then asked what my pct was, I then laid out my pct and got no reply. Want to answer it smartass?


Survey says bunk. But run PCT any way, it won't kill you.


Run low nolva PCT: like 20/20/10/10 or something. Won't kill you ...

IMHO your gear could have been under dosed. Better safe than sorry.

I got bloodworks done BEFORE my cycle and will have a new one some weeks after my PCT.