hello its about 6 months when i finish my pct from a 5 month cycle with superdrol tren e(only for one month i stop it after) and test e(around 500 - 750mg week)

3 weeks before start nolva clomid i make 4 pins of 2,500iu HCG every 3 days then start nolva 40 mg and clomid 100 for one week next week 20mg nolv and 50 mg clomid same next week and 4th week 20 mg nolva only then i stop nolva and start 25mg aromasin everyday for 30 days i do bloodwork after 6 months i finish pct and my test was normal but low for my age(22yo) about 420…

what should i use to help my test kick back triptorelin 100mcg?
aromasin again? merional?..

you did Superdrol for 5 fucking months?!?

As kick start 3weeks only

Still thats a 20 week cycle. And I’m assuming from your post you didn’t use aromasin on cycle. Then used hcg at a huge dose of 2500iu per shot, still no AI. Clomid plus nolva for pct, and then started your AI.

Hate to say it but your cycle looked like a mess. You could try 100mg of triptorelin. I’ve read nothing but positive reviews from taking that dose.

Posting your bloodwork migh get you more help.

[quote]peris5325 wrote:
As kick start 3weeks only[/quote]

ah, okay.

anyway, your PCT was simply too short… your were on cycle for 20 weeks, so 4 weeks is not gonna get you back up.

next time, i’d suggest using tore, and running it for 12 weeks.