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PCT After Ostarine?


I want to ask

if I make around 30 mg per ostarine

for 2 months

after I finish

I have to do a 4-week pct type of supplement (olimpus pct for example) or I have to do a 4-week cycle of clomid and nolvadex; let me know, thanks

It’s suppressive. If you want to go without a pct then just do that rather than waste your money on some bs supplements. If you want to recover properly then take Nolva.

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explain to me the dosage and the time of use of nolvadex

40/40/20/20 is standard for a pct. But since you’re not going to be shut down entirely you may be able to get away with 20/20/10/10. But I cannot give you a definitive answer. Unfortunately the Venn diagram of people who run SARMs and the people who have been vigilant about blood work has approximately zero overlap, so there just isn’t a lot of hard data out there.

Makes you wonder🤔

I do not understand