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PCT After Nebido Testosterone Undecanoate

I’ve been on Nebido T mono in total of 5 injections since 12/2019 (10-12 weeks apart) as a part on prescribed TRT, last injection was on 08/2020.

At the start of this week my doc prescribed me Clomid 25mg MWF (3 times a week) as a PCT and then a mono therapy.

Would this dose be sufficient protocol to resume my natural testosterone production?

I know that people here don’t like nebido and clomid, please only reply about my question as above.

If you are doing trt, you don’t need to PCT. If you want to come of TRT, you could try the clomid, at 25mg/day. I’d probably try 50mg for the first week or 2, see if you can handle that amount, cut back to 25mg for the rest of your PCT. Nebido hangs around in your system for a long time though.

No idea how you will go, you might need to use HCG injections to awaken your balls.

Some other guys will chime in.

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I’m coming off TRT. Do you think my doc messed up with the clomid dose for a restart?
As you answered, and as I read on the forums is see much larger doses are required than what he has prescribed. he wants me to do a blood test 8 weeks from now. So should I write him and ask for a larger dose?

Or should I stick to his script? Maybe he knows what he’s talking about?

BTW, somehow my balls didn’t shrunk on this TRT.

Your question was answered in your other thread. Take the Clomid, see what happens. You won’t know how well it works this time until you’ve been on it for a while. You need some patience here because your situation will not resolve quickly unless you do something very very different than what you and your doctor are doing.

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Most doctors don’t have as much exposure to real life experience about steroids.
Not saying I’m an expert, because I’m not. All I can tell you is 25mg 3 times a week is a minimum dose. Even then Dr’s recommend slowly increasing the dose to 50mg per day if tolerated. This is in regard to boosting fertility.

For PCT when you have been on gear for a year or so, your balls are pretty well shut down, so they are going to need a lot more stimulation, than someone with already working balls, but a low sperm count. I would therefore start with 25mg/day.

I understand that what you read on the forums might make you think that you need more.

Indeed, people DO take more. Sure.
Hell, some people on the internet forums say they are on 250mg Test E a week for “TRT.”
At that dose my T would be like three times the upper reference range.
Some people take 100mg dbol a day for like four months. Cool for them, I guess.
I also read once that some dude wanted to take 1mg arimidex a day for TRT. Wicked. Wonder how that turned out?

My point is that sometimes what you read on the internet might be a bit funky, and not work for you. At all.

Also, keep in mind that you are asking people in a drug forum about TRT. These two situations are not the same, even though the medications they might use are the same.

People doing a PCT and using clomid are trying to restart their system after taking assloads of drugs. They also stop taking clomid after what, two weeks?
People using clomid for TRT are trying to keep their nuts making realistic levels of T for the rest of their lives.
These two situations are not the same.

I would follow the protocol from your doctor. Take a look at your levels in 8 weeks, and then go from there.