PCT After Moderate Cycle

Need some help with my pct I’ve done many cycles over the last 10 years but think I’ve never properly done my pct currently 31 years old. Pct should start today.

My cycle was testosterone acetate eod 12 weeks at 100mg
Masterone ace eod for 8 weeks 100mg
Turanibol 8 weeks at 40mg
Aramosin ed at 12.5mgs

I should’ve been using hcg on cycle as I have some but never did.
Currently have nolvadex and clomid

Should I start pct today with hcg and clomid 5000iu 1
Day and then 500iu every 3-4 day
Clomid 200mg day 1/2 then 100 mg for weeks 1/2 and then 50mg for weeks 3/4