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PCT After Halodrol Cycle or Right Into Test Cycle?

G’day everyone.

First time poster and new to this I suppose. I’ve been in a calorie deficit for 3 years and lost 40kg, mainly fat in the process. 123kg to 82kg but now sitting at 88kg and 20% body fat.

Many years ago I was a powerlifter and I want to get back some muscle mass to fill some of the candoe wax skin associated with such weight loss (it’s not too bad). Eventually want to end up around 15% body fat or less.

I’ve been on a Halodrol cycle for 5 weeks and will wrap it up next week and get into PCT. However, I’m considering doing a cycle of Testosterone Enanthate (Dosage tbc) and was wondering if I should go straight from the prohormone to the test or should I do PCT for 4 weeks and then to test?

First time going to enhancers. Thanks in advance.

This is how I look now.

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Good progress, man. And skip the pct. Normally the recommendation is to follow a plan, but halodrol is pretty mild and frankly it makes no sense to pct and then go right back into a state of exogenous hormone usage. Hell, you can start the test cycle now if you really wanted to.

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I’m no expert but I thought that might be the case. Appreciate the input mate.

Would you suggest 1000mg per week in 2x 500mg dose would be ok for a first timer?

I agree with @iron_yuppie here. 500mg/wk is plenty for the first timer. 250mgx2 per week. Anything over that and you are more likely to get side effects.