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PCT after Deca/Dbol cycle

I finished my cycle of Deca/Dbol and got my hands on some clomid for PCT. Since I heard the nandralone esters can stay in your system for up to 14 days i started the clomid exactly two weeks after my last shot. I suffered from quite a limp tool on the cycle thanks to the Deca and am wondering how long it will take to get my boys back to normal? I am taking 50mg/clomid daily and I’ll be on my tenth day tomorrow. I hear 20-30 days should do the job. I see a little difference in the boys but not too much. Am I just being impatient since I’m only on day 10 or do I need to increase dosages?

Deca/Dbol…Good cycle.


A Deca and Dbol cycle isn’t too bad, especially for a newbie (if that’s what you are.

My PCT for a cycle like that would have been ANOTHER cycle, this time with Winny and Primo. Your Winny would have to be Depot, to give your organs a rest from the oral administration of the Dbol (unless it was Reforvit). My reasoning behind this is to help “harden” all your newly acquired gains from the Deca and Dbol.

My suggestion for your next cycle, should you do the same (Deca/Dbol), is to add in some Test for good measure. The Test will help when you’re finishing up because of the long half life of the Deca. Good luck.

Thanks for the sarcasm UTB…that was really needed.

I was a newbie on this cycle Mass, and I def. plan to add some test in the mix in the future. My question for now is how long do you think the clomid will take to jump start my boys again?

Taking a half stab in the dark here but wouldn’t proviron help him get back online faster? Otherwise you might wanna bump the clomid up for a week or so. Maybe even get some tribex or red cat to help

Ok. starting your pct 14 days after your last shot will be ineffective (at least the way you have planned it). The decanoate ester will be in you system still 45 days from your last injection. If you don’t believe me have a look at Creed’s recent thread where I explained this. Clomid will not be too effective because the one drug in your system that aromatises to estrogen is long gone. Dbol is not that suppressive whatsoever, as many people have done morning protocols to avoid suppression all together. Deca doesn’t aromatise to estrogen, so clomid will not have the same effect as it does after cycles using drugs such as testosterone that do aromatize ( the most prevalent action of clomid is the blocking of estrogen receptors at the htpa) Proviron is a mild steroid in itself and will just continue hpta suppression. Your best bet is doing what Massnutrition said. Continue your cycle using primobolan and or winstrol. These drugs are only mildly suppressive, and quite easy to recover from with most gains intact. Continue your cycle for about 6 weeks. Then come off. I would also you begin using hcg and clomid, while on continuing the cycle. use this protocol irregardless of whether you decide to stay on or not:

begin by taking daily injections of 250 iu of hcg for the first week. Then follow a weekend protocol for the next 5 weeks of 500 i.u. every saturday and sunday. take clomid every day, 100 mg for the first week with the daily hcg injections, then reduce your dose to 50 mg per day for the next 7weeks.

The purpose of the hcg is to regain testicular function, and maintain it while the nandrolone decanoate slowly disipates from your system. The Clomid is taken to block the aromatization of estrogen that occurs from the hcg administration, (you could use nolvadex instead or in addition to clomid) and also to help stimulate fsh, lh production.

good luck with your recovery, and next time you decide to cycle with a drug that contains the decanoate ester be mindfull of the fact it will remain in your system causing suppression for as long as 8 weeks past your last injection!

bro for the limp dick get some test and either run deca with it or dbol or both trust me it will help… and while you are at it get viagra just in case…

Clomid PCT should run 2 months, or nolva if you prefer, which I do.