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PCT After Competition Cycle


What’s up guys, I’ve been running test (cyp/prop) for about 25 weeks now. I had a competition this weekend and the cycle is over.

Side note, I place first in my class and almost took the overall!!

I was running:
Wk 1-17
Test cyp 600mg/wk
EQ 600mg/wk

Wk 18-25 (pushed my show back two weeks which is why I was on prop so long)
Test prop 300mg/wk
Mast. 300mg/wk
Tren ace 300mg/wk

Wk 23-25
Winnny 50mg ED

Arimdex: 12.5mg EOD
Nolva 40mg ED (had a small gyno flare up)

It was a solid cycle with little issues other than a small gyno flare up that I am managing with Nolva. I expect that to go away quickly.

My question is, should I run HCG now or just jump straight into clomid/Nolva? My plan is to recover as quickly as possible, get rid of the gyno, get blood work to make sure my levels are ok and then jump back on another cycle and shoot for my pro card at nationals towards the end of the year.

Please let me know your input.


If it were me I would taper down your prop and mast doseages slowly to avoid a complete crash. I know you have been on for a while so most people will criticize me for saying stay on longer. But go down over the course of a few weeks and stick with the nolva. You could blast a few weeks of HCG while your tapering your doseages. But that would require getting off nolva. So I would personally stick with nolva and run it 40 till gyno goes away. Which it should soon if your lowering your doseages, and then run 20 for about 5-6 weeks then 10 for a week. Taper your AI which I’m assuming you meant to say Aromasin not Adex.

Also did you run caber or Prami?


I did not run either of those. Also yes, sorry it was a typo.

As for running test longer, would you say blast the HCG the last 2 weeks I run it?


No I would continue the nolva all the way into your PCT. it’s really your call though. If you wanted to get off nolva for a few weeks it’s up to. But HCG can cause Estogen issues in some. And if your already dealing with the pesky puffy nips I would stay your course.


As Ross just said, taper down test prop but keep it. Use little more than TRT dose. Do the same with mast, and if you can keep mast, use it with prop… somewhere around 250mg test and 250/200 mast… You won your show and want to compete again, right? You want to get pro. Do some keep aromasin and nolva, keep it till you feel better with your gyno. Or change to something more effective, like adex, 1mg per day, just to get rid of the gyno. Do your bloodwork, and consider using carber or Prami, like Ross said… your gyno mey be caused by prolactin or something else… do go off everything!