PCT After Blast With Anavar When On TRT

Hi guys,

I’m cruising on 200mg per week Test E pinning once per week. Bloods are all good.

I’ve just recovered from a shoulder op (slap tear plus bicep tenodesis) but can still work out the other side of the body well enough. I’m thinking of stepping up to 600mg per week (3rd blast) and bringing in Anavar to lean out a little. I’m 3 weeks post surgery and won’t be able to work out the other side of my top half for another 3 months. Anybody been in this situation and would you recommend doing this cycle when recovering from a surgery?

I don’t run PCT when going from blast to cruise TRT but what should I do if I add anavar for 8 weeks and then go back to cruising at the end of the cycle.


you don’t do anything …simply go back to your TRT when cycle is complete

as far as doing a cycle when you can’t work out one half of your upper body is a terrible decision

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Blockquote as far as doing a cycle when you can’t work out one half of your upper body is a terrible decision

Yeah I know it’s not smart. I probably just need to be told that lol.


This will not lean you out. Your diet will take care of that. Var will add some muscle and strength if you’re eating/training right

would you recommend healing peptides (tb-500, bp 157) post surgery?

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Did it hurt? How long?

Do you think you could squat with a ssb or too much pressure on your shoulder?

How long did you take off work?


Yep. I take BPC for injuries and it works great. Tried to get my brother and dad to take it after their surgeries but they think I’m a quack lol

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Painful but it’s manageable. The recovery and inability to do anything is very mentally tough.

Can’t do anything with the arm for 6 weeks (in a sling) and then I’ll be out of the sling for 6 weeks before I can start rehab. Won’t be moving weights for 6 months unfortunately.

I work behind a desk so was back within a week. Don’t even think about squats etc lol

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I’ve been running BPC and Ipamoralin. I think they help with the pain but my physio says I’m no further along after 3 weeks than others so I can’t comment on how effective they actually are. Let’s see after another 3 weeks.

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Curious, what does/did a slap tear feel like for you?

Could you exercise normally? How did it feel when you raised the affected arm overhead? Can/could you cross your one arm over to the other side of your body?

What made you decide to go for the op as opposed to opting for conservative management?

I suppose some labral tears are far more debilitating than others. I’ve heard of boxers/BJJ athletes getting labral tears and continuing to train 2-3 months after the injury (no surgery) and I’ve heard of slap tears so debilitating the individual couldn’t lift their arm over their head without the shoulder almost sliding out of its socket.

I was training for months after I did it but it slowly caught up. I was losing strength and stability on the bad side so want left with much choice in the end.

With the slap tear I couldn’t do anything over head. Chest presses became too painful and crossing my arm across my body became hard to do without experiencing pain. It was not very comfortable at all but you can live with it.

I’m in my 30’s so I’d much rather get it done now that have shit training for years and then get it done.

Don’t blast until after rehab. You’re going to create all sorts of imbalances here, risk tearing your bicep on your surgical side later. Stick with TRT that should be enough for you right now.