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PCT After a Single Pin

Hi, today i was going to start a test/deca cycle. I pinned 500mg of test e only.

When i came back from gym i found out that my parents died in a car accident and i just can’t continue a cycle because i need a break.

I have nolvadex only in hand. Is it ok after 2 weeks from now to start taking 20mg for 4 weeks every day and use natural testosterone boosters like spiruline?

Please, i need your help fast. Any idea how fast am i going to recover since i pinned only once?

Thank you!

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First and foremost I am very sorry to hear about your loss. You are making a very intelligent decision to take a break.

To answer your question, NO. Pct not needed after just one shot. This one shot will barely be a blip on the radar. You are not going to shut down from one pin. I wouldn’t recommend ever running Test boosters if they are pro-hormone, as PCT because they will keep you shut down thus negating the point of PCT.


Hi, thank you for the info! Do you have any idea how much in % would reduce my natural testosterone and for how long? Also, is there any chance to lose muscle mass?

I doubt it will reduce natural test at all. Its not going to shut down natural production. No muscle mass lost due to Test.

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About anti estrogens. Should i take 0.25mg of adex only once just to be sure?

NO absolutely not. That would be the biggest mistake you could do. Slightly elevated E2 is 100 times better than tanked or crashed E2, Stop worrying about this shit for now. Please before your next cycle, do some more reading on these forums. This shit is not important right now.


Bro… I’m so sorry. That is terrible