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PCT after 6 Months of TRT

Hello, I see a few threads regarding this topic, but I’d like to submit another one to answer some specific questions I have.

Basically, started TRT via a clinic back in June of this year (2021). Started at 120mg Test C per week. Eventually the doc bumped me to 140 then 160. Eventually I started experiences heavy anxiety and ED in August (while at 140mg) and serious emotional ups and downs since then. So, I decided to jump off. The doc told me they don’t prescribe PCT’s and said I can just cold turkey come off and I’ll be fine. Obviously I expected this answer so last week I had delivered 20,000 IU’s of HCG, and plenty of clomid and nolva.

My T levels before TRT were high 500’s and I felt fine. I’m 28 and I started to prep for a triathlon and boxing matches I have this winter. Not the best of ideas, but now I know. I’m hoping for a quick recovery so I can continue my training.

My last pin was 10 days ago. I feel much better already.


Can I just do Nolva or do I need to do Clomid as well?
How much HCG if any?
Do I need to use arimidex?

Here is a short history of my labs:

June 2021 (pre-TRT)

Test: 550 NG/DL
E2: 17 NG/DL
All other labs in the normal range

August 2021

Test: 810 NG/DL
E2: 19 NG/DL
All other labs (including prolactin) within the normal range

October 2021

Test: 680 NG/DL
E2: 36 NG/DL (almost high) (felt like total shit here) (prolactin was normal)
LH and FSH almost at the low mark (to be expected)

HPTA Restart- Easy Guide

Jump to part 2 (in the link above) as youve already committed

Part 1 might be overkill anyway as others point out. It’s more of a luxury if you have time to plan. Tweak to suit your own opinions on what is optimal. Good luck!

You more than likely do not need a PCT. I was able to recover normal HPTA functionality after only 4.5 weeks of stopping TRT cold turkey after 2.5 years on TRT.

You didn’t even has secondary hypogonadism, so I don’t see you taking very long to bounce back. If you really want to do a PCT, start with HCG 300-400iu daily X 14 days, followed by Clomid 25mg daily X 28 days.

Just pick one
HCG for 3-4 weeks before starting the SERM

what are your LH and FSH levels looking like. Im surprised theyre so low considering your test looks good

Then why did you start TRT?