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PCT After 5 Months Cycle

Just got done with a long cycle, stayed on a low dose test for 5 months. Did Tren, masterone, dbol and anavar in between. I would like to come off now, I feel the same before cycle so I’m guessing I might not go through the pct depression.

I got cialis, hcg, nolvedex and clomid for pct. Need some guidance please. Cheers

what’s your current plan? have you read anything, or do you want us to spoon feed you?

I was going to go with 30 days 50mg of clomid and 45 days 20mg of Tamoxifen. 250ius of hcg eod leading up to pct. Sounds good?


tamox and clomid don’t work well together. they are rather antagonistic. pick one or the other, preferably the tamox. the dose you have listed is fine. but i would extend the pct to 6 weeks because your cycle was so long. In the weeks following the 4th week, taper the dose down to 10mg/day, and then down to 5, if you can, in the last week. hcg sounds fine, although i’m not an expert with that.

I am in the same boat but do not have HCG or Nolva. Just a bit of Clomid.

Sounds like I need to get my hands on some Nolva