PCT After 4 Years on TRT


Long story short - i’ve decided to come off TRT after 4 years. I have a question regarding PCT protocol. From what i’ve learned - the PCT is pointless until exogenous testosterone leaves the body. Would it be okay to switch to HCG monotherapy (500iu 3x a week) for 6 weeks in order to stimulate the testicles + wait until my body clears out the testosterone? After that period i wanted to stop HCG and add clomid. What would be better - 50mg ED for 4 weeks or 25mg ED for 8? Or maybe 50mg for the first 1 or 2 weeks and 25mg for the rest of the PCT?

Thank you for any response and feedback!

Try this restart protocol: HCG 300-400iu daily X 14 days, FOLLOWED by Clomid 25mg daily X 28 days (6 week cumulative regimen). Anything longer just isn’t necessary as this is enough to kickstart most men’s HPTA.

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Thank you. So even after almost 5 years of TRT it should be sufficient to take just 25mg of clomid ED for 1 month? Shouldn’t i be on HCG longer, though? I mean after 2 weeks my body won’t process all the exogenous testosterone yet.

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This protocol has worked well on many patients and is used exclusively by Defy Medical because it works.

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What if you just went the hcg route without clomid? Anyone have an idea for that?

That’s not a restart, it’s not much different than stopping TRT cold turkey.

I have pfs… Clomid has made guys worse, so probably not something for me.

so are you saying start after 14 days after your last injection?