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PCT After 3 Cycles?


So,long story short,last year i decided to try steroids for the first time. I am 21 years old and that was stupid of me,i know.So last September i took anavar and winstrol pills in this way:
week1: 10mg var 10mg winny
week2:20mg var 20mg winny
week3:30mg var 30 mg winny
week4:30mg var 30mg winny
week5:20mg var 20mg winny
week6:10mg var 10mg winny
At this time i didnt do pct
About 2 months after this one i started another 6 week cycle in January.The scheme was the same as the above,the only difference is that i took anavar and turinabol. About 4 moths passed…Now,in July i did my last cycle which involved 40mg var for first week.50mg for second week,60mg for third and fourth week,then 50mg and finally 40mg.
My PCT for all this is:
week 1:100mg clomid,20mg nolva
week 2:100mg clomid,20mg nolva
week 3:50mg clomid,10mg nolva
week 4:50mg clomid,10mg nolva
Right now i am the end of week 2 and my libido is down to earth (damn…).Otherwise i am pretty healthy.
So,what do you guys think? Is this pct enough for recovery? pls share your opinions.