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PCT After 16 Week Cycle?

This is the plan for my third cycle.

Weeks 1-16
600mg sus250 per week

Weeks 1-4
40mg Dbol per day

Weeks 11-18
50mg Anavar per day

Weeks 21-24
40mg Nolvadex, 20mg Clomid

Weeks 25-28
20mg Nolvadex, 10mg Clomid

Any suggestions about my PCT would be appreciated. Also I would like to ad HCG to my PCT since it is such a long cycle but I have never used HCG before and not sure what dosage to take and when to start using.


No HCG during pct… people should probably understand the pharmacology of the drugs they take… before they take them…


That’s why I’m asking questions in this forum, to learn about the drugs… before I take them.

When should HCG be used in a cycle?

You could run it 18-20 for a couple weeks before PCT. I don’t advise dosing but will tell you typically TRT guys run 250-400iu 2x per week.

In many cases HCG is not even necessary.