PCT After 16 Months (and Sorta Kinda Cycles Report with Pictures)

Hi all,

so I decided to go for steroids after 4 years of lifting looking like this:

I mostly went for aesthetics although my piss poor 1000lbs total improved up to 1350ish now. I’ve chosen to do TRT test + anabolics. Never liked going above 200 mg/wk of test. Typically 150-175mg no AI needed. If anything I’d take nolva when nips acted up on some of the drugs I took.

I’ve done a few 4-6 weeks short cycles using dbol, tbol, drol, tren and trest ace (never above 300 /wk). Usually I’d do a peaking program or a challenge like “Building the monolith” or the “531 rest pause challenge” when doing orals. And a standard 531 when on TRT.

I don’t think the strength gains shall be too hard to maintain, however I’d like to at least maintain my current shape and get to 1400+

My diet sweet spot is 4k kcal, 240P 50F 600+C. Besides a few Big Macs following lower body sessions that drain me super hard, it’s all extremely clean. Hell without the Macs I’d average 25g of fat a day.

Right now I have a few weeks left of test. I have 5 vials of HCG, bunch of nolva and adex on hand. I hate clomid, not an option… I also use melanotan which I believe shouldn’t impact anything although the nice and dry look it tends to give me must mean the androgen/estrogen expression is tweaked towards androgen. Or maybe that’s the better insulin sensitivity. Theories purely out of my ass.

I’ve run a number of bloods and I’m happy that at least my TSH always stayed between 1 and 1.5 so that’s not too bad. Crushing my thyroid was kind of my #1 fear.

So how would you go for that PCT? I’ve seen a lot of protocols but the moment you decide to BnC and run multiple cycles I believe anecdotal experience has a lot of value and I’ll appreciate any suggestions.

I’ve been browsing over various forums trying to see what was suggested for people who want to come off after a year and a half or so. Basically there’s a lot of prayers involved but I remain optimistic.

Keeping it simple as always - What would you think of this:

Week 1-5 HCG 500iu ed (less e2 through more frequent injections). To use or not to use proviron leftovers?
Week 1-10 Nolva 10mg ed (I react strongly to nolva so 20mg sounds overkill. I could use raloxifene 30mg +nolva 10)

I also got MK677 to keep igf-1 levels decent.

Even though you were using low dosages, year and a half is a long time to be on. And PCT seems pretty mild to me. I know clomid can be nasty but if you can tolerate smaller dosages with your nolva (I’d increase that too), you might get better results.
You’re solid man, good work.