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PCT After 14 Month Blast and Cruise

I have been blasting and cruising for 14 months. 29 years old. Mostly test, tren, Masteron, a few orals here and there. My cruises were test e 200 mg/week. I am finishing off this blast with 700 mg tren e per week and 200 mg test e per week. I have to be honest; I have a very addictive nature. I am addicted to the feeling of massive doses of androgens as well as the great sex that comes with being on gear. It became equally about those things as it was to enhance fitness goals. For health and longevity reasons I have decided it is best that I come off. Is it better to PCT directly after a blast or after a cruise (or does it even matter)?
My pct plan would be:
HCG 1000 iu EOD for 10 days started day after last pin
HCG 500 iu EOD for another 10 days
Nolvadex 40/40/20/20/20 after last HCG pin
Clomid 50/50/25/25/25

Open to criticism or any adjustment one might recommend to my PCT.


First let me say I wish the best of luck to you in recovering.

If that’s what you want to pct with that’s fine. You would probably be fine just running nolva.

Im interested in what kind of gains you made? How did you run the blast/cruise? How many weeks blast then how long a cruise in between?

I probably looked my best 4-6 months into this B/C. I am 5’11. I started off around 185 lbs about 13% body fat but who really knows. 6 months in at the tail end off 700/700/200 tren a/mast p/prop cycle I weighed about 195 at probably 10 % body fat. The last 3 months I’ve been binge eating (clean food but way too many calories/ too much peanut butter). Made incredible strength gains but getting fat. I weigh 214 now. Definitely my most muscular, arms and shoulders still vascular but getting fat on legs, belly, and pecs. Plan is to finish this tren over the next 40 days and then pct, while implementing a more conservative diet, then pct. Today was my first successful diet day. I am fasting from 10 pm until noon the next day. I had chicken and rice before the gym at 12:30, trained for two hour, had a 10’egg white and oatmeal shake with maple syrup post workout,chicken and sweet potatoes in the evening, and just had a similar oats and egg white shake but with stevia instead of maple syrup. I will try to eat like this until pct.

Anyways, my first blast was 50 mg dbol for the first month and 600 mg test e per week for 12 weeks months
-down to 200 mg test e/week for probably 2 months, stopped the test e 2 weeks before next blast
-700/700/200 mast/tren a/test p for 10 weeks
-Back to 200 mg cruise, introduced test e again 3 weeks before the blast was over.
To be honest after that I lost discipline in my cycle plans and it became a mess of compounds with a couple one month cruises mixed in. I was too eager to get back on a blast and would get back on too early. Years ago I struggled with drug addiction, and I could definitely see these tendencies coming out with my use of androgens. While it didn’t cause damage to my relationships/job, I worry about health consequences and fertility issues.

I think your making the right choice. Background stories always interest me that’s why I asked.

Try the nolva run it 6 weeks starting couple weeks after last pin 40/40/20/20/10/10 wait 60 days after you finish pct and get your labs.

Keep us updated bro