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PCT Advice

There have been a lot of good threads about PCT in the last couple days. So I figured now would be a good time to ask for some advice. I was wondering what you guys thought of using Clomid post cyle for short (6wk) cycles and some PCT advice for a longer cycle?

Here is a synopsis of my last cycle:

WK 1-5: 150mg Tren EOD, 50mg Winny (oral) ED
Wk 6: Taper with Turinabol from 50mg Mon–> 20mg Sun, 50mg Winny(oral) ED M–>Sat.

Wk1: 100mg Clo ED
Wk2: 75mg Clo ED (mon-wed), then 50mg Clo ED
Wk3: 50mg Clo ED

I noticed my nuts where full and swollen after the 1st week and my workouts where great, but I continued the PCT for 3 weeks anyway. I noticed a drop in strength but not too much in size.

I guess this was effective for me, but does anyone have any suggestions to improve apon it or a different way of tapering from short cycles?

Also, I really want to run a longer cycle of Deca and Dbol (say 8-10wks) I was planning on it looking like this:

Wk 1: 550mg Deca, 40mg Dbol ED
Wk 2: 550mg Deca, 30mg Dbol ED
Wk 3: 550mg Deca, 20mg Dbol ED
Wk 4-8: 550mg Deca, Dbol as needed to deal with any deca dick, etc.
Wk 11: Start PCT

Would that be enough time to get the deca levels in my body down or should I wait 1 more week before starting PCT? I know that Deca is really suppressive so I don’t want to waste money on PCT until my body is ready. Any ideas?