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PCT Advice?


Gonna be running hdrol.
Trying to figure out which pct support to use with nolva and when to add in other supps?

P.c.t assist
Trans Resveratrol (50%) - 500 mg
Indole 3 Carbinol - 175 mg
Horny Goat Weed (standardized fro 40% Icariin)- 250 mg
Mucuna Pruriens SE (Precision Blended 95% & 20% Extracts) - 250 mg
Piperine (95%) - 20 mg.


Post cycle support
Trans-Resveratrol 50% 1200mg 
Quercetin 95% 1200mg 
Epimedium (40% Icariin) 500mg 
Piperidine 95% 30mg 

Nolva 20/20/10/10
Pct assist or cycle support 4/4/4/4caps

My main question is when should I add these in?
Lean xtreme for cortisol
Active xtreme natty test


why not do something that actually works instead? just a thought.

Nolva 20/20/20/20
nothing else is required.

What happened to running a real cycle? Your last thread was better. You didn't have any of these junk pct products in it, and you were running actual gear. Now you sound like an idiot.


you must be putting the guys at GNC's kids through college will all the shite you buy


Sounds good..

Man I just don't trust the source that I was gonna go with..
They had test e 400mg that ain't right normal i heard was 250-330mg..


I pinned T400 about 2 hours ago...


Damn alright.


how was it? Are you roid raging yet?


no more than usual



well, throw some ZMA in there, for good measure...