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PCT Advice

I was wondering if a Nolva pct can be ran as 50/50/50
My nolva is only dosed at 50mg per capsule

Week 1-5 Turinabol 50mg ed
Week 1-10 Test Cyp. 500mg a week

just wondering what my options are as far as pct with that specific dose? I do have enough for a 4th week but I feel thats too much.


Right, but as I said the nolva is dosed at 50mg a capsule, I was wondering if there where any options available with this?

Someone has to have advice

You could weigh it out evenly in halfs or mix it with something

Yes I suppose that could work, thanks.

[quote]acsmith wrote:
Yes I suppose that could work, thanks.[/quote]

Just take a capsule every other day. The half life means it’ll work that way just fine.

I’ve never known anyone who has done it that way but it makes sense I actually thought about doing it like that but wasn’t sure of it.