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PCT Advice

hi i am on my last weeks of 9 week testo e cycle i will wait 2 weeks after the last injection
how do you find my pct
40/40/20/20 nolva
50/50/50/50 clomid
1st week eod 1500u hcg 3 injections


the SERMs are fine, don’t use hCG during PCT as it is suppressive. You can blast a bit in the 2 weeks leading up to PCT if you like. It’s an old school approach, and not really optimal, but some people really like it.

so if i do pregnyl the first week with nolva and then
4 weeks of nolva and clomd


no, if you are going to blast the hCG then do it the weeks between your last pin of test and the start of your PCT

thanks i will do it one week after the last testo injection and after that i will start the pct