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PCT Advice


Ok so I have been planning this cycle for 6 months and now Im ready to start. Although Im having trouble figuring out what kind of PCT should I use. Below you will find a 10 week cycle plan w/ PCT. Im curious if I should start PCT 1 week after or 2 weeks after last test E. injection. Also, Should HCG and clomid be used versus proviron and clomid?

1-3 test prop 100mg EOD
1-4 anadrol 25mg twice daily
1-10 test E 500mg weekly
1-10 nolvadex 25mg EOD

PCT: Will begin one week after last test injection
day 1 300mg of clomid and 25mg of proviron
day 2-14 clomid 50mg and 25mg of proviron

Please feel free to leave advise about cycle.


Very nice proposal. Much better than many first-time posters'. I have no personal experience in taking Nolva DURING the cycle, but the common consensus is to stick to an AI rather than a SERM (better to not have aromatization than to have it and have to block it). You could then use the Nolva in place of the Clomid for your PCT (Nolva is much better in terms of sides than Clomid). Nolva has been used for years the way you've planned though so I'm sure it'd work just fine. Any reason why you chose Nolva over Adex though?

For the PCT, definitely start 2 weeks after your last Test E shot. 1 week is way too soon. And as for HCG, I think it's best to avoid it altogether if you don't need it, but that's just me. Hopefully others can chime in on that one for you.

Congrats on the planning though man. Is this your first cycle?