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PCT Advice


Hey im starting a dbol cycle in a couple of weeks and wanted a bit of advice about the pct, any responses would be really appreciated. The bits i need advice on are:
1) Which is better, clomid or noveldex?

2) What sort of dosage for each? i've done some research and think 50mg of clomid or 20mg of noveldex, is that about right?

3) Is it worth taking milk thistle to help my liver out a little bit?

Thanks for the help!


It’s really a matter of preference b/w nolva and clomid (or torem, for that matter). For reasons beyond the scope of this thread, some people have more “emotional” moments on clomid. Others have none. I don’t know if there’s a big difference in terms of recovery… personally I prefer torem. You’re probably fine with the doses that you listed… many are… my gut feeling though is that first time around (I gather) you shouldn’t take shortcuts. Make sure you recover fully, and then adjust next time.

Milk thistle, liv 52, NAC… there are a lot of compounds that have positive and protective effects on liver metabolism under various circumstances. There’s no reason not to take something, imo, other than saving money. Everybody and his brother prefaces comments about 17aa’s by saying “the dangers are overstated”, but I’ll feel better in 25 years knowing that I’ve done my best to protect myself.