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PCT Advice? Test P and Tren A

nead advice on PCT.
I’am on Cycle 10 weeks - i use 300mg test P and 300mg Tren A per week. I dont use any Al and i dont have problems with gyno.
Before that i use 8 weeks 250mg Test E on my cruise after competition.
I’am Blasting and <crusing for 1 year now and i want go off for 8-10weeks .

MY PCT PLAN : 1500iu HCG e3d for 2.5 weeks (start 3 days after last test shot)
Clomid 50mg for 2 weeks ( 7 days after last shot )
Nolva 20mg ED or Armidex 0.5 eod
Do i nead use nolva or Armidex if i dont have estrogen problems or gyno simptoms . Or just have in hand if estrogen lvl go UP.

I plan to have blood work 2 weeks after last shot. Any advice .?