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PCT Advice, Stopping Test/Deca Cycle After 4 Weeks

I’ve been on a cycle of test e 250mg and decca 200mg for 4 weeks total of 8 shots, test e on Wednesday and decca on Sundays. I’ve been feeling horrible through the whole lot mentally and wanting to stop now, original plan was to do 12 weeks of a cycle but with the constant heartburn, sickness feeling and mentally not enjoying the process I’m wishing to call it quits. Was looking for some advise on a pct or would it even be required? Thanks in advance.

Pct is going to look the same wether you finish the cycle or not.

Just run the pct you had planned.

Question should be, did he even have a PCT planned?

Is PCT necessary after only 4 weeks? Probably should wait for 2 weeks before even starting PCT as exogenous Test is still ini system.

Would you suggest drop the Decca, and maybe increase the Test to 400-500 per week?

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I figured he didn’t just by the way he was pinning but wanted him to say it lol.

I dont think he really has much of an idea what he’s doing at this point its probably best he just gets off gear before he fucks himself up.

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Well you’re going to need to ride it out for a few more weeks irrespective of anything else. Deca is a loooong ester and you’re not clearing that for a solid four weeks after your last pin. So get your pct in order and be prepared to start it about a month after your last deca pin.

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I can see why people don’t want to post questions on here when there are people like yourself answering them trying to put them down when people are asking a genuine question. Quick question for yourself what’s the issue with doing pinning that way? As it was advice from a Proffesional PED expert whom works at it for educating military, police forces ect so would like to hear from your “expertise”.
Also pct and all support stacks have been in place ready in advance of the cycle.
Furthermore your comment on that I don’t have much idea what I’m doing, I would like to know how you think you know this? Of course unless you are just judging everyone by the same brush, which is an arrogant way of thinking but you seem that type of person as I’ve seen your replies on other threads that come off the same.

Yeah was planning all that steps already iron, thanks for the reply.

It’s a matter of the peaks and troughs created by pinning only weekly. The deca is less of a problem than the test e. You can get away with pinning deca once a week (but shouldn’t do it unless you have no choice), but with an enanthate ester you’re setting yourself up for trouble. You want stable blood levels throughout a cycle, and only pinning weekly will not provide them. With that comes potential for e2 management issues. The roller coaster is bad and is easy to avoid by pinning on a more frequent schedule.

Here’s what 10 weeks looks like with only a once weekly injection: