PCT Advice Please

Ok so I’ve been reading, reading and more reading about PCT and what is the best method. So far I know more than I did but its still confusing as hell. I’ve done a cycle of 500mg/week of test e with no PCT and besides acne there were no adverse side effects once off cycle. Looking to do 750mg/week and stack with 50mg of winny ED. Can anyone please recommend what my PCT plan should look like. Because I am relatively new to this any advice would help. Thanks

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clomid or nolva pick one, also why winny? that stuff is harsh on joints

Don’t wanna pin every day to be honest. I’ve read a number of things saying that it is harsh on joints and then some things say it isn’t. Thanks for the help with the PCT.

never tried winny myself i already have bad joints from a dumbbell press accident so i never was fond of that compound, let me know how it works for you

Dude, there are literally thousands of threads scattered across the internet regarding a proper PCT, and you want us to lay one out for you? Atleast come in here with a basic plan as how youre going to approach it… you’re just being lazy.

Will do

Never asked for a specific plan to be laid out for me. Just some advice was all. All good though

Well, lay out your plan for us and we can go from there…

I guess where my confusion starts is two fold. 1) with my last cycle I didn’t do anything in regards to PCT and 2) everything I’ve read is different from one another i.e. High does vs low dose. What I’m thinking about doing is 750mg test e for 15 weeks with winny at 50mg a day starting at week 5 and ending at either week 9 or 10. Also going to run arimidex through cycle. After what I’ve read was thinking of taking tomoxifen at 20mg a day for PCT. Now I’ve read varried things with duration for PCT i.e. Take for as long as cycle lasted. Again this is going to be my 2nd ever cycle and again I didn’t use PCT after last cycle

Have you been here?

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Why the winny in the middle? It’ll work where ever you place it though I’d suggest running at the end and 2 weeks past your long ester- right up to pct, but it depends on particular goals. I personally love winny, but hate it’s impact on health (lipids). I’ve never gotten the joint problems with it but never done more than 50mg a day.
Others will help with pct, my only comment is that doses are usually unnecessarily high and not ran long enough imo.

I did read that. Also followed the links you provided.

Thank you for the knowledge

Thank you for the knowledge. Confusing but helpful. If that makes sense

The biggest problem with anyones PCT in my opinion is not letting the gear clear the system.

If taking test E, how can you give only 2 weeks before PCT? The gear floating around from all the previous injections plus the last ones is going to be way too high for the SERM to start doing anything. I would wait at least 4 weeks and use a short ester compound such as test prop until the longer esters clear. At that point, you’d only need a small amount of SERM as ksmann suggests for it to work.


Ok cool. Thank you