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PCT Advice on Test E and Deca Cycle

What would be the PCT protocol for the following cycle usage?

Note that this is for recovery, and therefore extremely low physiological dosages.

12 week cycle:
125mg Testosterone Enanthate
100mg Decadurabolin

Would PCT start around week 14?
What would be the standard protocol?

Thanks in advance

Deca is going to take four weeks to clear. Can you start pct earlier than that? Yeah, probably. But it’s not nearly as effective. Take the testosterone for at least two weeks longer than the deca. Then start pct two weeks after that.

But I question the purpose of this. “Recovery” is kind of a nebulous term. Nandrolone isn’t magic. It’s great while you’re using it, but the effects are not permanent and I would argue that they aren’t even noticeable after a few months being off. I used that same dose for 18 weeks under my doctor’s supervision and I enjoyed a lot of benefits. But within four months the old aches and pains were back. So don’t expect a miracle.

Thanks for the reply. Your advice is well appreciated. Id never even considered the fact that the nandrolone sits in the system for more than double the time of the enanthate
I’m aware that the benefits of nandrolone are only whilst using.
The idea around the nandrolone use is to ‘lubricate’ the joints whilst rehab and physio take place. To effectively aid the speed of rehab.

What compounds are used in the general PCT protocol following this cycle?
Would HCG be sufficient? and what type of dosages?
Will it (HCG) cause an E2 spike? Would an AI such as anastrozole be wise? What sort of dosages?