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PCT Advice? No HCG Throughout Cycle


I'm 48 years old, 210 lbs 6'1 and about 12% bf (estimate). I'm on my 4th cycle which I purposely made a bit milder than previous ones:

Test Prop 60mg EOD
NPP 140mg EOD

I'm at the end of my 10th week when I was planning on ending the cycle, I had also planned on using HCG throughout the cycle but that didn't work out.I had HCG powder and at my location I couldn't get a hold of bac water to save my life. Now, after 10 weeks, I can get some (finally).

I do have nolva that I'm going to use for PCT. My question is, should I prolong my cycle to 14 weeks so that I can at least get a few weeks of HCG in, or should I just go ahead and stop now as planned and just go with the nolva PCT?

Thanks in advance.


Do it the old fashioned way: About 10 days after last shot, do 2500IU hcg eod, for 8 shots. 20mg nolva ED for 45 days. Clomid 50mg every 12 hours. If you can't get clomid, just use nolva.


Thanks! But wouldn't 10 days be a bit long for Test Prop? I thought 3-5 days was the max.


npp needs about that time to clear. Also run your test for about 2 weeks longer than the npp. Will make the recovery a lot easier.


Not an expert but I wouldn't blast any more than 500 IU of hcg at a time. A lot of studies say you can permanently desensitize yourself to it at high doses.


When used for long periods of time, yes. 16 days is not a long time.