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PCT Advice From Experienced Guys


Hi all

I will start my cycle soon and i wanted your advice about PCT that i should run

1-12 W Test en 600/W
1-10 Deca 500/W
1-6 Anavar 50 MG /W

1-12 hcg 250/iu twice a week
14-16 nolva 40 mg
16-18 nolva 20 mg

during cycle if i happen to have any nipple itching i will start 10mg nolva

do really need dostinex ?
and should i be worried about high prolactin ?
because i read in other forms that some guys had prolactin sides at 400mg of deca

Thanks guys in advance




I would have caber just in case, I would also run an ai for the test


If i have aromsin

what dose would that be

and if i started to feel the sides of prolactin
what dose of antiprolactin should i use


Aromasin should be 25mg ed

I would run the caber .5mg 2x a week

Also hcg should be used on cycle, 250iu 3x a week stopping 4-5 days before pct.

Pct should start 2 weeks after last pin of test E


Thanks for help i will welcome any more advices