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PCT Advice After EQ Cycle

I am planning on starting a 10 week cycle of EQ @ 600mg/wk and some kind of test (haven’t decided yet, probably enanthate @ 500mg/wk). How long does it take to get the levels of EQ in you system down to an acceptable range to begin PCT? I have read it has a 10-16 day half-life, but I have also read that many people wait 3-4 weeks before starting your PCT. So I’m kinda confused. Any recomendations for PCT?

The undecylinate ester is very long acting. I would wait until around four weeks after the last EQ injection before administering HCG but the nolvedex should be started immediately at the end of the cycle. HCG needs to be administered when test levels dip below normal. The goal is to jump start the testes. Remember that the hypothalamus regulates test levels through a negative feedback loop. Thus the hypothalamus only stimulates the testes to produce testosterone when levels are below or near below baseline levels. So starting on HCG too soon when levels are still high can be a waste completely.

I want to talk about halflife for a second. If the halflife for EQ is hypothetically 10 days, that means that it takes that long for half of the dosage to be cleared out of the body via the liver in this case. So lets say day one you take 600mgs, on day 10 you have 300mgs left active in the body and on day 20 150mgs, day 30 75mgs and so on. Keep that in mind. I do not know the exact halflife for EQ.

Thats a great question for me too, as I am in the same boat, stacking 500mg test supsension, 25-50 mg stanozolol daily with 500mgs/wk of EQ. I am running it all for 14 weeks and I’ve never had any joint issues with stanozolol myself.

Be cool to hear what Anthony’s, Wideguy’s or Prisoner22’s opinions are about this. I read that A.R. recommends a non-ester EQ, likely because the undecylenate ester is one of the longest ones out there.

I am combining the above to lean me out at 12-13% BF, at 230lbs, 43 yrs old. I find that nothing works as well for me as winny and EQ for leaning and helping me chase that last little pesky layer off of my middle.

I have a hell of a time getting HCG and I’m not very familiar with it. Is it crucial to use HCG or would Nolva or Clomid alone be ok? Would you start your PCT 4 weeks after your last shot?

EQ has a halflife of 14 days.

I’m currently running EQ as part of my cycle.

Wk 1-4 Test Prop 100mg ED
Wk 1-4 Anadrol 100mg ED
Wk 1-4 Winstrol 50mg ED
Wk 1-14 Test Enan 600mg / wk
Wk 1-14 EQ 400mg / wk
Wk 8-14 OT 40mg ED
Wk 14-17 Test Prop 100mg ED
Wk 14-17 Masteron 100mg ED

[b]PCT (18-23)[/b]
Wk 18-23 Nolvadex 20mg/ED (40mg for first week dropping to 20mg for next 5 weeks)
Wk 18-21 Aromasin 25mg ED
Wk 18-20 HCG 300iu ED
Wk 18-20 Vitamin E 1000iu ED

As you can see from the cycle my last shot of EQ/Test E is at week 14. I’m then running Test Prop and Masteron for 4 weeks, which allows the EQ to leave my system, without impinging on any gains that I’ve made. Then at week 18 I begin my PCT.

I suggest doing 250IU of HCG every Saturday and Sunday from about the third week through the rest of the cycle. Three weeks after your last shot, do 2000IU’s and then be done with it. Continuing to use HCG after your cycle will continue to suppress your system. The idea is to never give your boys the opportunity to shrink and that they are ready to get turned back on when the cycle is over.

If you want to find out how to come off your cycle safely do a search through my posts for my commentary on Test tapering. I don’t have any more time to go through this, as I am busy studying this weekend, but all I can say is it is the most safest and effective of all stratagies. Everyone I know who has tried this approach, agrees.

Thanks for all the advice. I will check out your posts P22, thanks! Looks like I need to pick up some HCG before my next cycle.